The Media Has A Strong Effect On The Identity Of Young People Essay

The Media Has A Strong Effect On The Identity Of Young People Essay

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We are often bombarded with bad news whenever we tune into the media. Violence, police brutality, homosexuality, even the ridiculous things that celebrities do are becoming headlines for modern media outlets. With all the bad news, it is difficult to understand what the media 's influence is because it is often polarized; it becomes very challenging to know what the true influence of the media is. The media has a strong effect on the identity of young people. However, if we can understand how the media affect the identity of young people, we could understand a bit more about what “identity” really means.
So what is identity? We are not born with our identity; it is something that is constructed socially and often changes depending on the social circle that we are in. Identity is “the self-concept, which is the knowledge of who we are, combines with self-awareness to develop a cognitive representation of the self” (Aronson, Wilson, & Akert, 2010, p.118). In other words, the internal and external factors are combined to make us who we are. Now, let’s add in internet media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram or Snapchat are now considered an "extension of everyday life and a tool of cultural change" (Singh, 2010). Therefore, our identity formation, with the influence of social media, is being transformed in ways that are new and global. For example, before technology, even before television, we would get our news from newspapers or from other people. The external influences are greatly reduced and are probably local. Children grow up wanting to be like their fathers or mothers, or someone else of the same greatness that lives in the same area. However, nowadays, with the advancement of technology, we get news fro...

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...s, our society 's value system. In essence, media is conveying what we should buy, who we should be, or who we should become, in order to be "happy". Unfortunately, whether young or old, this seems to be working.
Again, identity is a social concept. When we engage any media, no matter what form it may take, we are in essence receiving the ideas from those authors. Simply, it is a different format by which we now exchange ideas. Hence, it is no different than having the creators, writers, entertainers and advertisers with us in our living room. As far as advertisers are concerned, they are banking on this fact. Why? If we talk with one another, write a letter to one another, or text or tweet a message, we are conveying our thoughts to another person. We are socializing. It makes no difference if this is in person or electronic. The effects are still the same.

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