Essay Media Criticism Of Media Blames Rape Victims

Essay Media Criticism Of Media Blames Rape Victims

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Media Blames Rape Victims
She was passed out with throw up on her shirt, it is totally her fault she was raped. We hear that statement over and over again, frankly it is getting old. In fact in recent study where 1,000 women were asked who should be blamed for rape fifty four of them said they should be handle accountable for their actions. However, how can somebody be held accountable if the drink has been drugged. That wasn’t that’s individual action that was their attackers action. And yes a rapist is a attacker and not some innocent person who had no idea what they were doing not only wrong but illegal. However when an individual reports a rape they are usually asked a series of questions; were you drunk, were you wearing revealing clothing, were you flirting with him earlier in the night. Ultimately, none of those questions better the real question should be were you raped? Because, law doesn 't say it’s ok to rape someone if they are intoxicated. In today 's time the victim of rape is for most part always held responsible for his or her rape.
In Steubenville, Ohio, August 11th, 2011, a sixteen- year-old-girl who was intoxicated at a party. Later at the party was gang raped by two football players, who took pictures of them assaulting her. Those images later ended up on social media, because it is so hilarious to rape an unconscious girl not even thinking she is a minor. With result of the images of a assaulted minor on the internet one would think people would say how wrong that is, or simply to see if she was ok? The outreaches were nothing like one would assume. The victim was called a slut, a life ruiner, and a bad person. Even went so far as a CNN reporter Poppy Harlow say “It was incredibly difficult, even for ...

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...I’d rather show you what you been missing in your whole life when I get inside” This whole song is about getting a female drunk enough to have sex with him, and then give her what she has been waiting for her whole. Which is rape? With music being another source of media, we can see how this song could influence a young man’s decision making on how to flirt with a girl.
Sadly the media is involved in all of our life’s on a daily basis. However how we chose how to react to the media realize on the individual. Just because rape culture is normalized now does not mean it has to be our future. We can change our ways by simply saying it’s not ok to bully a rape victim or listen to music that involves getting women drunk so they are easier to sleep with. Let’s make our future she was passed out with throw up on her shirt, I’m totally going to make sure she gets home safe.

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