Media Coverage : The Biggest Problem With Their Coverage Essay

Media Coverage : The Biggest Problem With Their Coverage Essay

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However, the biggest problem with their coverage doesn’t have to do with their misrepresentation of Ramos or the event but rather with their omissions. It is clear that the media coverage focused on highlighting Ramos’ faults and the “predictability” of the event but not once was Trump and his authority questioned. One would assume that if a journalist was ejected from a news conference for wanting to ask a question, journalists would stand with the journalist. After all, it is a journalist’s job to question authority. However, this was of no concern to popular media. The only mention of the issue was from Ramos himself. CNN in their article where they interviewed Ramos included his quote where he said that “[Trump] acted in an incredibly authoritarian way. That 's exactly what he did. And that 's dangerous for press freedom in the United States." He also said that “this is the kind of thing that you see in dictatorships, but not in the United States of America.” (Stelter) It is clear that this is a serious problem and it is something that the media has decided to overlook. No media coverage highlighted this problem or even tied Ramos’ incident to other incidents where the press has been restricted. Even though Trump is known to keep journalists in a “press pen” during his rallies. He is also known for preventing reporters from attending his events. The Huffington Post mentioned in an article that “In recent months, the Trump campaign has denied credentials to reporters from BuzzFeed, Fusion, The Des Moines Register, and The Huffington Post”. (Calderone, “Trump Campaign”) The media thought is was more important to focus on and criticize Ramos for being unethical. Out of the entire event they found his opinions to be the most offen...

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...enge someone directly without being accused of being “rude”. A journalist is not supposed to be the interviewees friend; a journalist is supposed to thoroughly gather information for an audience. Sometimes the process isn’t going to be smooth, conflict is inevitable, however, a journalist’s job is to continue and ask questions anyway.
For media coverage to improve, journalists will have to reassess what it means to be a journalist. They will have to think about how journalism affects the world. Not only do journalists inform their audience about important issues but they also directly impact their audiences. The questions they ask and the way they portray an issue can affect the way people think about a group of people, such as immigrants. What Jorge Ramos did was journalism. It is alarming to see other journalists reacted to someone actually practicing journalism.

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