Essay about Media Coverage Of Female Athletes

Essay about Media Coverage Of Female Athletes

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This study intends to illustrate what kind of progression has taken place in regards to media coverage of female athletes competing in the Olympic games during 2012 and the most recent summer games of 2016. Gender inequality is not only present under socio-cultural terms but also in the sport institution. Females have faced many forms of barriers since the start of the Olympics in 1896 when they were not even allowed to participate. This entry barrier was removed in the 1900, however even then females were only allowed to participate in sports that matched the public’s perception of “femininity” as sports were professed “masculine” (Markula,2009). A slight change of this perception has been occurring over the years as the International Olympics Committee introduced more opportunities for females to participate in a number of sports instead of just Tennis and Golf in 1900. 2012 was a notable year for the Olympics as there was a presence of a female athlete in each delegate for the first time ever. Additionally, team USA, the team with the highest number of medals in 2012, was comprised of 292 female competitors which broke a record for the number of female participants competing for the USA and the largest number of females competing for any nation in the Olympic history. Moreover, female medalists outnumbered male medalists, thus this trend of female success may lead to a positive assumption of more coverage devoted to females with a similarity in the linguistics used to report the success of male athletes. However, although 45% of the competing athletes in 2016 were females, the public has been very critical about the coverage, the increase of coverage with the success of the female athletes has shined a light on how they are pre...

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... the media coverage.

How females are represented through broadcast, print and/or online media can shape the public opinion of the viewers. Thus, framing what is said or written to the audiences may reflect the journalist’s or commentator’s shared public perception of females within the sport institution. This will indicate why females are being represented the way they are in relation to theories previously provided by scholars. In other words, how females are represented in the Olympics may just be a reflection of general societal perception, that may or may not be in favor of, gender equity, the underlying issue of coverage concerning females in general sport and events such as the Olympics.

In addition, interviews with female and male sports journalists working in the UK will be done. If possible interviews with female athletes will add value to the research.

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