Media Consumption Of Infants And Toddlers Essay

Media Consumption Of Infants And Toddlers Essay

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Media Consumption of Infants and Toddlers
Lesly Longoria
Texas Woman’s University

Media Consumption of Infants and Toddlers
With everyday technological advancement, the media consumption of infants and toddlers is a growing topic that not only brings up questions and concerns for parents and those who work with children, but also prompts multiple opinions on what is right or wrong. While research has been conducted to prove that media use by younger children is not harmful to their development, there has also been research done to refute these claims. Some may say that television is a good educational advancement while others say that it has the opposite effect. For the purpose of this assignment, I will be focusing on the research that proves there are more negative effects than positive ones on the youngest population of media consumers.
In the TIME article “Why Educational TV for Babies Doesn’t Exist,” author Bonnie Rochman concludes that contrary to what many parents are led to believe, there is no such thing as educational TV for children under the age of two. Rochman (2011) states that television is not a good use of a toddler’s time since children younger than two cannot cognitively comprehend and retain information of all that is being said. A survey was conducted at the time this article was written, and 90% of parents asked reported that their toddlers less than two years old watched some television (Rochman, 2011). Additionally, more than half of these parents believed that educational programming on TV was important for their children. Another important claim made in this article was that while the television program Sesame Street contributes to improved social and language skills for children over the age o...

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...oach (2011), for each hour that two year olds watched of TV per day, they knew six to eight fewer vocabulary words. Before starting this assignment, I had my opinion formed on how I believed media and technology affects out infants and toddlers and after reading both of these articles, I have now not only greater knowledge on the subject to back my initial opinions, but also facts that can be backed up by research. I undeniably agree the conclusions of the research conducted. Knowledge on this subject will be of great benefit in my interaction with both parents and children and will keep me from making mistakes that can be avoided. I think that knowledge of this topic is of vital importance in the child development field because as parent educators, we need to be up to date on a world that is changing and expanding every day; the world of media and technology.

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