Media Can Achieve Growth by Pursuing Quality Essay

Media Can Achieve Growth by Pursuing Quality Essay

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Media is a structural component of every nation. In Fact, media constitutes the 4th Power of the State after the legislative, executive, and judiciary powers. This importance accorded to media is mainly due to its large influence on general audiences and to its major role in society. In fact, it is through media that people get exposed to current events and share information. Then, media companies should remain objective, non-profit, organizations to insure that people acquire an absolute truth and base their decisions on true facts, and not on subjective opinions. However, studios and broadcasters are also private companies that seek their own interests. In fact, a studio’s structure is very similar to any other company, as it is constituted of general managers, employees, and staff who seek financial benefits. This portrays media as a corporation that sells products for economic goals. Then, we can notice media’s duality: media is an objective source of information and quality products, and in the same time, media is an organization that aims for its own welfare. But actually, during the last decades, media is emphasizing on its business component to an extent that its quality and objective side is fading away. In fact, media is shaping itself as a factory that sells products to provide financial benefits, just like any other industry. While it is normal for any company to focus on its economic status, the problem with media resides in the choice between business and quality, while actually, media can satisfy its financial goals by stressing on quality. In fact, it is through quality that media satisfies audiences, stir their interest and curiosity, and then, increase its financial revenues.
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