Essay about Media Biased Against Palestinians

Essay about Media Biased Against Palestinians

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Last October, Telegraph, The Guardian, and Associated Press and several others covered the news of IDF soldier Gilad Schalit’s release in a barrage of hand-wringing, as if to make up for their telling lack of interest in Palestine’s United Nations membership bid the month before. The indifference is only natural; Schalit’s release is more historical, since Obama promised to use the US’ Security Council veto on Palestine’s bid. Historical, that is, because history is written by the winners. Forget about the 1,027 Palestinian prisoners. They no longer exist.
Schilat’s emaciation became a media springboard for all the possible nutritional evils done to him in his imprisonment, despite being reported to be otherwise healthy. These media organizations don’t want a simple victory. They want to have their cake and eat it, too. And they want the rest of the seven-course meal, and the whole restaurant, and the whole supermarket that provides the ingredients. And they want to give all of it to Schalit. Because, by the Judeo-Christian god, Schalit is an Israeli soldier, damn it, and he better eat good.
There are even Knesset rumblings about the inequality of Hamas treatment to Schalit compared to the Israeli government’s treatment of the imprisoned Palestinians, likening the prisons to a party with “five-star hotel” treatment. That’s a rational observation, because when a terrorist blows up a café in your neighborhood, your government treats him to a five-star hotel. A hotel, it seems, where torture, intimidation, and other abuses are givens. Physicians for Human Rights in Israel reported that there are “clear patterns of torture and/or cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of Palestinian detainees.”1 The September before the prisoner exc...

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