Media Bias And Its Influence On Public Opinion On Current Events Essay

Media Bias And Its Influence On Public Opinion On Current Events Essay

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It has become common for the modern day society to rely on different sources for their news. Because of the internet and technological advances over the years, our access to the news has greatly increased. However, along with this comes the familiar issue of media distortion. In the beginning of the year, I decided to study the power of media in depth—specifically media bias and its influence on public opinion on current events. I chose the media as my subject not only because it affects all aspects of our lives, but also because many people can identify themselves with it, like me. Throughout my research, I analyzed diverse but relevant articles in order to improve my understanding of the effects of media.
In recent discussions about the role of media in society, a controversial issue has been whether the extent of media influence on society is as common as it seems. On one hand, some argue that bias in the media is not as prevalent as it looks today. Factors such “increased access to technology” and different news outlets, as well as the “rising popularity of watchdog groups” such as AIM and FAIR, have led people to have the impression that bias is pervasive throughout all parts of media (Farhi). On the other hand, however, others argue that media manipulation is present in all that the public reads and watches. In the words of Ryan Holiday, a news reporter, journalists are taught to “pull the puppet strings behind the curtain.” According to this view, Holiday asserts that everything that we read is shaped to suit a particular group’s desire. In sum, then, the issue is whether or not social behavior is influenced by the said pervasiveness of media influence.
My own view is that the term “media” is the same as “influence,” as ...

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...ormation to the public and hinders the expansion of argument in society. Furthermore, through a societal approach, the author believes that over-reporting crimes that make the headlines distort the reader’s judgement of safety in the nation. Mitchell claims that despite an average decrease nationally, murder is the most reported crime in the media. With this, readers are more likely to be unnecessarily extra-cautious in public places, which shows that these methods of journalism indeed affect society’s actions. The essence of Mitchell’s argument is that the media distorts reality by over-exaggerating appalling news in order to get more readers and viewers. Although the media aims to deliver accurate and credible information for the public, one must keep in mind its power to manipulate societal thoughts and and behavior, and its tendency to do so for selfish purposes.

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