Media And The Social Construction Of Gender Essay

Media And The Social Construction Of Gender Essay

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Assignment 4: Media and the Social Construction of Gender

It is scary to see the influence the media has on us, because of both its nature we can be directly and indirectly permeated by their agenda. The fact that media’s main goal is to make us vulnerable in order to feed into this consumer economic structure scares me. I want to say I am a critical consumer, but after watching some of these videos and reading on gender roles I can not say that with full affirmation. Media and socialization have influences my gender role because of my sex. It seems like we live in a world of contradiction where one roles does not complement the other role thus creating this friction that leads to inequality and disparity. What should we do, but then again how realistic is change?
I want to say I have always been challenging the gender role society has tried to impose on me. My mother is a very traditional Arab-Mexican woman, who only finished middle school and had a very narrow view of what a role of a woman should be. Naturally she is the one I learned from the most of my role, but then I have a father who is rebellious in his own nature to the role of raising daughters in what was our society in rural traditional Mexico. My father always made sure we were in the best schools, always wanted us to continue language proficiency, taught us handyman work like changing a light bulb, checking our car oil, learning how to harvest and lead a team to achieve full production and how to sell it. At a young age, I challenge my religious education that my mother wanted to enforce on me. I always found a way to rebel against all that my mother wanted to tell was proper for a young lady. I wore pants under my skirts, refused to play with dolls,...

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...y scents. Venus also recently launched a campaign empowering and applauding the women for who she is, but you should still shave your legs. Unfortunately, our western society is driven my media and entertainment, and I think this is where it has to start. Women in entertainment carry powerful voice, whether we like it not, this is where the ideal imaging starts, and it is their responsibility to start and carry the conversation. Me personally, if I ever get to raise boys, it is going to be my responsibility to raise young men who value women for their real assets, not these pseudo assets that media shoves into us. I hope that it will be a different narrative in the near future, but as of right now my responsibility is to make sure people are aware of these hidden socialization factors that are involved in our mainstream media, and how we need to challenge it.

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