The Media and Teen Pregnancy

The Media and Teen Pregnancy

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Today I will be talking about the way the authors and creators of a television commercial and newspaper article influence us to their opinion by writing the way they do. The topic that I am studying is Teenage Pregnancy. This topic is always going to be in the media for different reasons, and occasionally you hear about a story of a young girl getting pregnant due to un-safe sex. There will always be issues with this subject within society because so many people have different opinions and views of this topic and weather or not it right or wrong.

Different texts, stories, documentaries and videos all display teenage pregnancy as wrong and irresponsible because the parents of the baby are either in financial difficultly, socially disadvantaged or are simply too undeveloped to carry and hold a baby. For my two texts I am comparing a newspaper article from the Daily Telegraph written by Clare Masters and a video I found on you-tube originally from the website “hey-babe”. The video was created from the company “hey-babe” and was found and released late in 2009. The article is from December 14 back in 2008.
The video and newspaper article are quite very much the same because they both lead to the same conclusion, the viewer ends up thinking about themselves and other people. The footage and article give both views from each party, the doctor and health reporter and the view from a teenager.

As well as having one main text, the newspaper article, I have two supporting texts and they are both from doctor’s websites. I am using them to help support my main text and assist me with extra information. The editorial piece of writing; from the Daily Telegraph use’s strict rhetorical techniques because it is a newspaper article and needs to be persuasive and opinionative. Rhetorical techniques are used make a piece of writing effective and more in depth and there are different ways of doing this. This article uses a great deal of evidence and example because it provides statistics and a personal case and issue that affected one person’s life. The article mainly talks about the risks with teenage pregnancy, it’s not just harmful for the mother and father, and it also can have affect to the mental side of a teenage girl. The risks are greater for a pregnant underage girl and it is almost guaranteed that there will be serious birth complications to the new born and mother.

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It is quite common for miscarriages to happen because of the underdeveloped mother and this can lead to physiological problems after losing the baby. The article also gives a lot of statistics about the decline of contraception, and the amount of teenagers getting pregnant amongst Year 10 and Year 12 students.

The television advertisement is very disturbing and rather graphic with the sounds and the camera views. The immediate impression after seeing the video leaves you quite shocked and you can’t really believe what you have just seen. The producers have made this video so realistic that it’s shot through a student’s phone and has real school students in it and is based on a true story. The video should be shown to students from the age of 14 to 18, because that’s when girls start to develop and get sexually active. This forty second video has to be shown in a government run sexual education class because than there are experts to ask questions to and get more information. Every teenage girl over the age of 13 are obsessed with their social life, going out, seeing friends going to school so the video makes you think that once you have had a baby that can all go away. You could fall into labour at school with half your year around you. This part of the video is appropriate because it puts you in the position of the girl and you think about it as if it were you. The video most likely shouldn’t be shown to girl under 14 because it is very confronting and graphic, it certainly would get the message across but defiantly shouldn’t be shown to them.

The article from the Daily Telegraph is dramatic and holds a lot of useful information. It is clear that the author Clare Masters has done her research and has a very obvious opinion on this topic. Her main argument is that the Federal Government is not supplying adequate sex education in high schools and if the country wants to stop teenage pregnancy something needs to be done. Her article provides facts and information for possible teenage mothers reading her article and she’s hoping they will make the right decision.

The video would be more appealing to students because its fast comes across as confronting and in your face. They can relate to it for the reason that they are the same age and it’s from a teenager’s perspective. It would be more effective because once they had be shown it, they would ask questions and become more aware. On the other hand reading a paragraph from a newspaper wouldn’t be as effective because they wouldn’t pay attention as well and the lady that wrote it isn’t from the same age and isn’t a student. The article from the paper would only be useful for somebody who was already pregnant and wanting more information and facts. It’s basically vice-versa in the sense that the video wouldn’t be helpful for someone 18 years and older.

In conclusion to this oral presentation I believe that the video is effective because it relates to teenagers on a personal level and we can believe that it could actually happen. The article written by Clare Masters is a very persuasive piece of writing and defiantly gets her opinion across to the reader, but wouldn’t be as effective to high school students in comparison to the video. My personal views on this topic are that young students shouldn’t be having children; it’s as simple as they have more important things to worry about. Such as passing school, sorting out their future and generally being teenager without worrying about crying babies and dirty nappies. The television article makes clear message that I know me and my friends would agree with.


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