Media and Technology: Adaptation of Transmission Essay

Media and Technology: Adaptation of Transmission Essay

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Adaptation of transmission bit-rate for video multicasting is a challenging problem because of heterogeneous client speed and variable bit-rates.Prior approach based on leader based schemes to achieve the video multicasting for the node that experiences the worst channel condition .However ,this could affect the other nodes that can receive a higher throughput. Our goal is to provide clients heterogeneous visual quality matching their channel conditions .we providing differentiated video quality for various clients to match their heterogeneous channel conditions and guaranteeing minimum visual quality for each client. Specifically, our goal is to develop a software-based rate scheduling protocol in order to produce the maximal total visual quality for quality-differentiated video multicast under the constraint of ensuring at least minimum visual quality for each member.

Keywords: modulation, multicast, Quality Differentiated Multicasting(QDM),transmission bit-rates ,leader based protocol


In this paper we have found a way to transmit the video to different multirate system in a wireless network connection such that every client node gets the video streaming with a effective quality without any data loss using a technology called QDM(Quality differentiated multicast) and LBP(Leader Based Protocol).


Due to the heterogeneity among multicast members, different multicast recipients may observe dissimilar link qualities. Recently, several works have focused on how to allocate bandwidth efficiently for broadcasting video streams to clients either with heterogeneous resources, e.g., screen resolution or decoding capability, or with multiple...

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...ives at least a minimum video quality. In addition, the two-state rate-adaptation scheme in QDM can adapt the rate to network dynamics and variable video bit rates with a reduced sampling overhead.

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