The Media And Its Impact On Society Essay

The Media And Its Impact On Society Essay

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As we all know that the nation is getting its education mostly for news and other beliefs. This pattern of auto education does neither exempt subjects about politic, war, and terrorist. Most Americans believe on the information they are getting from the media. While other people, those who know the truth are seeking ways to educate the American population. For example, it is becoming very common for people to hear about a bout a tragedy but not to know the full information without knowing the causes of the tragedy. It has been the same for years. I don’t why we still somehow believe on whatever we hear in the news. I am not denying that the media is one of the most powerful ways to education and inform the population. That is the reason lot of people are relying on the media to inform them; however I think the media should inform us fully about anything that is going on around the world. Since September 11th, American people become more expose to Islamic movement. It has been informed to us that terrorism derives from radical Islam. True, the people may be from Islamic country and are Muslim themselves; however not all Muslims support violence. Today most people define Islam as a radical, extreme group of people who use violence to respond and convert contemporary influence. It is all religions have their own law? If yes, however, why point the finger to one particular group. From what I know, the Islamic and Judaism have almost similar law. Some may not agree with me; however, we all know that every religion, Islam, Jew, and us Christian have something we should work on. The problem is more than a religious matter. We might not fully understand the political reasons of these terrorist attacks, nevertheless, we should ask ourselv...

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...did not know anything good about Islam. Even though I believe that everyone has the same rights and should have the freedom to practice any religion of their choice, but my pre-mindset stops me give my coworkers to even be my friends. These misbehaviors have changed by correcting my previous knowledge. On the other hands, some of my previous beliefs about cross religious relationships did not change. Specially, if that relationship we are talking about is marriage. I think the problem is not the religion, but it is the people in that relationship. People always want support, understanding, and advice from people that they are close to. Religious affiliation is something that requires a lot of time, money, and commitment. Sometime these people beliefs come first in a relationship. Imagine if these people are in the same religious affiliation that can bring trouble.

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