The Media And Its Effects On Society Essay

The Media And Its Effects On Society Essay

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After focusing on the theories to help us understand the largest picture for all it is worth, we can begin to pick the system apart and see what is dysfunctional. The dysfunctional pieces are the labels, the prison system, laws, Juries, the criminal justice system. The labels placed on people are often not good. Those that are unfavorable, such as felon or criminal, make it hard for individuals to reintegrate into society. They are dysfunctional because it is being used against one race in such a way that limits their ability to succeed in all realms except illegally. Before they are even labeled, many are given labels as “crack whore”, “crack baby”, “welfare queen”, and more. Thanks to the media, they have ingrained into our minds as a society who the threat is and what they are as well as why we should push them out. The media and government does a good job of showing everybody stereotypes and stigmas of individuals while leaving out all the details. The labels hurt people emotionally and economically. Those labeled felons have to jump through hoops once released. Once released, they are put on parole which carries its own set of limitations. People who are labeled a felon cannot vote, but thanks to parole they are required to gain employment, take drug tests, be checked up on, and more. Many struggle to get employment because they have to check the box stating they are a felon. Once they do not receive employment they are sent back to prison due to violating parole. If we removed all the labels for African Americans, we would see that we are all alike; we are all human. They are not the threat, but what needs help. Some will say that even if the labels were stripped that society would not be protected and that blacks are always...

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... society is in an outrage, yet nobody cared for the poor black victims. The system is corrupt and racist in every are that you can see. For this to be functional, the system needs to be one that is fair, free of discrimination, where laws are went by as well as procedures, and a rehabilitative model for offenders so that society can be whole.
The New Jim Crow was an interesting read that allows individuals to be opened up to something that has been masked for most their life. By using theories, it helps us to understand the concepts and their implications. As a society, by understanding theory and the concepts, we can become a society that is not in denial or colorblind. We can open the doors and see for ourselves what has been there all along. Hopefully someday everyone’s eyes will be opened to the concepts talked about within the book and fight for what is right.

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