Media And Environment : Conflict, Politics, And The News, Libby Lester Essay

Media And Environment : Conflict, Politics, And The News, Libby Lester Essay

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In Media & Environment: Conflict, Politics, and the News, Libby Lester presents a comprehensive argument that examines how media generates awareness, impacts opinion, and stimulates debate. She writes that the state of the natural environment is a serious problem and by studying the politics and conflicts in the media, we can begin to find solutions to environmental decline. Questions regarding news media’s ability to produce these solutions are asked with a strong sense of urgency– and rightly so. Calling climate change a “crises of global proportions” (p.44), Lester’s claims remain consistent with my beliefs and despite our shared opinions; I did not take delight in reading this book. There were many limitations and I found it to be theoretically rich in the analysis of media practices to the point where I had to translate each sentence into plain English. By no means am I undermining the points that Lester made, but I found it tiring to make sense of all the verbiage in-between.
For all that, there are definitely several noteworthy themes from Media & Environment: Conflict Politics, and the News that are worth reflecting upon. I will weigh in on media’s playing field and turn our attention toward issues of ownership while using the example of players in an arena. By studying these elements of politics in the media, we can begin to find solutions to environmental decline.
First off, the media is a hotly contested subject operating within a ‘highly conflictual arena’ (pg.4). An insight I gained from the book is that news media has great control in that it is instrumental in shaping the publics’ understandings and meanings on environmental issues. Without media exposure, the general population would be left in the dark about the c...

... middle of paper ...

...ain recognition from alternative media and reputable online sources to promote environmental autonomy and democracy in the media.

By examining the authors of the media and their motives behind their claims, we begin to come closer to tackling the problem of environmental degradation. In this exceptionally political subject, I learned that the media controls public opinions so it is crucial to look into what is fact or fiction. Ultimately, after finishing this book I was left to consider my engagement with the environment, asking questions like to what extent I am an advocate for the environment? What media sources am I consuming and are they inherently truthful? And how can I vivify my environmental citizenship? From reading this book, I can now see how news media stimulates environmental opinions and may even foster greater interest in environmental engagement.

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