Media and Cultural-Religious Celebrations around the World Essay

Media and Cultural-Religious Celebrations around the World Essay

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Media is playing a major role in people’s daily life, especially during national celebrations because sometimes they direct their opinions and tell the people what to do during these celebrations. For that reason, every country the media shows celebrations in a different way than the other country depending on the culture, religion and the type of celebration. Media in Oman present Eid and the Renaissance Day celebrations as a source of joy and happiness, as well as America in The Independence Day and Christmas but with more consumption.
Eid is a religious holiday which became also a cultural holiday in Oman. The media show Eid as a religious and cultural celebration for all Omanis. When the media present the Eid as a religious holiday, they show the Eid prayer and send the congratulations to the entire Islamic nation. The media also present the Eid as a cultural holiday by showing the dancing and songs which shows the joy and happiness during Eid days between families and neighborhoods. Mostly during the day the entire media is talking about Eid by showing live programs, celebrations and songs. Live shows during Eid are shows that present for sending the congratulations to the Omanis and to the Sultan Qaboos. It also shows the live celebrations in some villages during Eid days. At the end of the show they include part for the audience to participate and share their experience in Eid.
The Renaissance Day is the day when the Sultan Qaboos took the leadership from his father and the start of development by using oil. The media show that day as a change of Oman’s timeline and to the start of the renaissance. T.V shows present the celebrations around the country and it gives the audience an opportunity to express their feelings about...

... middle of paper ... they are sources of happiness and joy that spread all over the country during that day. Also, media shows the strong bonds in society and in families by sharing the love in a different ways. People in both countries as the media show they have a sense of patriotism during governmental and federal celebrations as The Renaissance Day and The Independence Day.
As a final consideration, media in America relate consumption in celebrations such as The Independence Day and Christmas as a source of joy and happiness. While in Oman joy and happiness came from Eid and The Renaissance Day celebrations. Media with its affect in people’s life, it varies from country to another depending on the culture, religion and type of celebration in that country. The media show the differences and the similarities in the way of reactions and presenting the celebration in each country.

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