The Media And Communications At University Essay

The Media And Communications At University Essay

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m and Dad,

I am writing to you, to both inform and educate you as to why the subject of Media and Communications is just as a vital subject at university as is Maths or English. I shall be exploring the benefits and positive factors in regards to studying media and communications at university and, aim to explain to you that it is as a wonderful subject as it sounds.
The media and communications industry, day in day out, is becoming even more diverse and active. Our daily activities are becoming increasingly dominated by the media. We are now a society that is constantly and consistently on our phones, mesmerised, enthralled and captivated by the news, whether it be political or celebrity. We are becoming progressively and more socially aware of situations due to the fact that our media dominated cultural landscape is ever growing, positively. We are always faced with questions, some which we are able to answer immediately and, some which need answering as we develop as a society, cooperatively. In the space of ten years we have witnessed a massive growth in our technological advance and also, the type of media we receive. These two conceptions both tend to merge in the twenty first century, and sometimes we are unable to decipher the differences between them. Thus, having an adequate and sufficient understanding of the media and communications therefore allows us to answer questions, and also will allow us to further our social advances.
The media is a powerful institution. It has the power to change our perceptions of the news we read or the information we digest- for the better or even, worse. The media shapes and changes the society we live in using a plethora of methods, from documentaries on television, to the content in...

... middle of paper ...

...ew and valuable ones.
Subsequently, studying media and communications will overall, make me a better journalist and a stronger competitor in my field of study. I will be able to stand out from other hopeful applicants. My future will be brighter and more successful as I have chosen to partake in studying media and communications. Employers will look at me as a highly superior and sturdier candidate than others. I hope my future lies somewhere within the ‘BBC’ or print journalism- someplace preferably in the political sector. The political sector is always ripe and so, by studying media and communications now, it will enable and allow me to use the skills I was thought.
There are no borders for what you can achieve, what you can study or what you can do. So, if you are given an opportunity to go for something, something good- then why not?

Yours truly,
Milica Cosic

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