Mechanism Of Operation Of Global Trade Watch Essay

Mechanism Of Operation Of Global Trade Watch Essay

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Mechanism of operation of Global Trade Watch
The initiative intends to realize its objectives by engaging in the formulation, facilitation and moderation of public policy debates regards global trade and other globalization concerns, in efforts to attempt at safeguarding state and local policy space. (Public Citizen, 2014). The initiative relies on its ability to build a bottom-up pressure for change through the design of strategies and campaigns whose operations span from local to international levels to affect the outcomes of various policies. GTW is involved in the formulation of several national and international campaigns whose emphasis is on the current outcomes of globalization including the trade pacts formulated by the WTO, several bilateral U.S. Free Trade Agreements (FTA) as well as the procedures through which such policies are formulated, facilitated and implemented. In addition, GTW engages in the tracking of all ongoing trade negotiations such as the current negotiations on the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership FTA. The organization is extensively engaged in ongoing in-depth research activities on the impact and outcomes of various trade pacts. They have published a wide range of literary books and reports regards various globalization issues. They have also established their presence in online platforms through its Trade Data Center where information on various globalization issues can be publicly accessed, (Public Citizen, 2014). Furthermore, they are involved in various public education initiatives. They have maintained mutual relationships with various stakeholders such as the press, policymakers and collaborated with other local and international organizations.
The GTW is also championing efforts to oppose th...

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...ning, (Krizan, 1999). Intentional communities provide an atmosphere that is safe, comfortable and homely. They adopt different strategies that comprise attempts to alter mainstream ideologies or to snub all contacts with the mainstream society.
There are many of intentional communities including cohousing communities, eco-villages and spiritual communities. Organizations such as Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, Jubilee Debt Campaign and FOTEI may be regarded as intentional communities that may fit into one or more of the formally recognized intentional communities. These organizations were formed based on the idea that resistance can be a means of achieving sustainable living. Such resistance focuses on various social challenges and wrongs such as environmental degradation, poverty and inequality that are outcomes of globalization and urbanization.

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