Essay about The Mechanics And Impact Of Michael Jackson 's Thriller

Essay about The Mechanics And Impact Of Michael Jackson 's Thriller

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The Mechanics and Impact of Michael Jackson’s Thriller
The late singer Michael Jackson, also known as the King of Pop, was an icon beyond imaginable expectations and vision. He catapulted into fame as a child music star with his brothers before becoming the most famous Jackson sibling to move on to have a solo career. Michael Jackson is undisputedly one of the most successful entertainers in all of music history. Not only did he single-handedly transform the face of pop music, he also- made a huge impact in the world of dance with signature moves like the Moon Walk. Jackson, a man of many talents, had thirteen number one singles, won seventeen Grammy Awards, and sold over one billion albums across the globe since he released his first solo album in 1972. When he released Thriller, the best-selling album in history, on November 30, 1982 (Stutz), the album went on to become one of the most successful records in the world due to its compilation of songs that won several Grammy awards and dominated the music charts, illustrious lyricism, usefulness of multiple genres in songs, and also created a passage of entrance for musicians of color in the media.
When Thriller was initially released, it spent “2 1/2 years on the Billboard album chart with 37 weeks at No. 1… It was also the first album in history to spend its first 80 weeks in the album chart 's top 10, which has only been replicated once since” (Stutz). Almost a year after Thriller was released, the album later went on to win seven Grammy Awards, some of which include Album of the Year, Best Male Pop Vocal Performance, and Record of the Year for “Beat It” (Durchholz). In December 2015, “Michael Jackson 's Thriller became the first album ever to be certified 30 times multi-platin...

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...e network initially declined to broadcast the music video, it was later accepted after Weisner threatened to cut off any and all relationships CBS Records had with the network. "Billie Jean" “immediately went into heavy rotation with eight plays per day, catapulting Jackson and MTV to another level of success. And Jackson 's triumph broke down the barrier for Prince, Billy Ocean and Eddy Grant” (Mitchell).
For any music lover who truly wants to experience a hit, look no further than Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The timeless album is a beautiful compilation of songs that won several Grammy awards and dominated the music charts, illustrated the power of thoughtful lyrics, versatility in multiple genres, and changed the face of music. In today’s world of overplayed pop singles dominating the airwaves, Michael Jackson’s Thriller was, and remains, a breath of fresh air.

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