Essay on Mechanical Properties Of Material Selection And Design

Essay on Mechanical Properties Of Material Selection And Design

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A tensile test is performed on a sample of 1045 normalized construction-grade steel using an Intron load frame. A graph of the engineering stress versus strain of the 1045 steel specimen is constructed from the data collected in the tensile test. Mechanical properties such as the ultimate strength, the fracture strength, and the Young’s modulus of the sample are obtained by further analyzing the stress versus strain graph. These experimental values are compared to the expected mechanical properties of the tested material provided by a reference. The percent difference between the expected and experimental values of the ultimate strength is 13.5% and that of the modulus of elasticity is 9.42 %.

In many engineering applications, it is important that the mechanical properties of materials are understood as these characteristics are the basis for material selection and design. The tension test is one of the most popular experiments performed to determine the different mechanical characteristics of materials. The properties identified through the tension test are commonly used in the design of various components [1]. In this experiment, a tension test is performed to a 1045 steel specimen and a set of data is recorded and analyzed. A graph of the engineering stress versus strain is constructed. The modulus of elasticity, E, the tensile strength, and the fracture strength of the 1045 steel specimen are also determined and are compared to the theoretical values.
Tensile Test
The tensile test is one method of measuring the behavior of a material undergoing a static or slowly applied axial force. Intron load frames with movable crossheads are usually used to test the tensile properties of metal samples...

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...ted value with a 9.42 % difference between the two.

Materials and equipment used to perform this experiment were provided by the Mechanical Testing Instructional Laboratory (MTIL) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This lab report utilized experimental data obtained in a tension test performed on September 17, 2013 at the MTIL. All the discussion and analysis were conducted based on the data file and the video that are available on the MTIL server.

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