Meat Is An Ultimate Source Of Food Essay

Meat Is An Ultimate Source Of Food Essay

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Meat is seen as this ultimate source of food. It is a rare, valuable source of food full of important nutrition which we need to survive. In the hunter gather days, 2.3million years ago, obtaining meat was difficult because it had to be hunted for ( Our ancestors saw meat as a source of extremely nutrient dense food that would keep them and their families from going hungry, especially in the winter. Most of the time our ancestors had to survive on the plants that they had gathered to keep themselves from going hungry. Our ancestors risked their lives just for a little bit of meat. But now, in our modern era, we have no need to hunt for food. Meat is conveniently provided to us in large quantities from meat factories. If our ancestors ate meat, then it must be good for us to do the same thing, right? Well, the increased consumption of meat isn’t as good as people think it is.
Most people would argue that it is natural to eat meat and that humans have been doing it for thousands of years, but just because something is supposedly natural doesn’t mean that it 's right. People used to think that was natural to enslave other humans, and that was wrong. We no longer live like our ancestors used to, and our ancestors didn’t have the luxury of easily accessible food like we do today. In fact, some studies has shown that our ancestor’s main source of food was from plants, while other studies have shown that humans aren’t even meant to eat meat; an example of this is a study conducted by Milton R. Mill, M.D. He wrote an article comparing human anatomy to that of a carnivore omnivore, and herbivore. In this article it is said that human’s jaws move side-to-side to crush and grind their food, our canines are blunt and small, and ou...

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...n’t the best why the get omega 3, flaxseeds also give our body omega 3. Plus the consumption of fish can be harmful to humans, wild and farmed fish live in polluted waters and their flesh can contain large amounts of toxins. The number one toxin found in fish is mercury which can greatly increase cancer levels and cause severe brain damage (PETA).
Living in our advanced society makes it possible for us to refrain from eating animals; it’s time to make a change. Not everyone has the same privileges that we do, so they have to rely on the same method that our ancestors used, and that’s ok. But it’s cruel to kill animals when we have so many creative and delicious vegetarian alternatives for our favorite foods ( We have become disconnected with the animals, and we have ignored their cries for too long. These intelligent wonderful creatures deserve better.

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