The Meat Based Diet Differs From The Vegetarian Diet Essay

The Meat Based Diet Differs From The Vegetarian Diet Essay

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The meat-based diet differs from the vegetarian diet more than expected considering humans have in time eaten meat for thousands of years as we are designed to eat meat. Consequently suggesting that meat, in fact, is not unhealthy. It all relates to how meat is processed and steps and procedures involved in the manufacturing of the animal meat products. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (2015), meat is produced by the process of a wide range of physical and chemical methods including, cutting/chopping, mixing, salting, utilization of spices, stuffing, fermentation and drying, heat treatment and smoking (para. 2). In a world of exponentially increasing technologies, production becomes more efficient, devices are more innovative, and execution of ideas is more streamlined. There are issues with technology, of course, as with anything, but that is another discussion. According to, “many opponents of a vegetarian diet say that meat consumption is healthful and humane, and that producing vegetables causes many of the same environmental problems as producing meat. They also argue that humans have been eating and enjoying meat for 2.3 million years” (para. 3). Often, people are on a very limited budget and the consumption of meat is too expensive for individuals. The prices of meat have made it difficult for people to incorporate healthy meat choices into their diets. However, the same goes for vegetarians when buying fruits, vegetables and other sources of nutritious food and it may become prohibitively expensive in the future. Also, animal welfare and environmental issues drive many people to adopt a vegetarian diet. It can be understood that food sustainability is an issue, but people...

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...ited States” (Smith, newsinhealth, para. 12). This leaves people leaning more towards being non-vegetarian, considering the expense of animal products, as mentioned earlier.

Vegetarianism takes different forms and its definition can vary greatly depending on who you are speaking to or in what part of the world you find yourself. Though what people eat is a personal choice, the number of people choosing a vegetarian diet should not increase. The reasons argued throughout this essay were, firstly meat is the most convenient protein source available; secondly, eating meat has been an essential part of human evolution for a long time; lastly, becoming vegetarian will not help alleviate world hunger and for this reason the meat consumed could be reduced instead. As a consequence, due to findings and own beliefs, vegetarianism can potentially be detrimental to health.

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