Meat Based And Plant Based Diets And The Environment Essay

Meat Based And Plant Based Diets And The Environment Essay

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In today’s society, it is not uncommon to see people incorporating meat into their daily diets. With the raising climb in vegan and vegetarian diets, we are starting to see a trend of plant-based and meat-based diets. The question remains, is one diet better than the other? Some would say yes, others say no. In recent years, the demand for meat has been up higher than ever before and many resources have been used to meet those demands. Certain plants have also been demanded more as well. The articles I have chosen, go into the pros and cons of both diets and how they affect the environment as well as our bodies.

Annotated Bibliography
Pimentel, David, and Marcia Pimentel. "Sustainability of Meat-based and Plant-based Diets and the Environment." The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Sept. 2003. Web. 2 May 2016.

P: A lacctoovovegetarian diet had a higher food consumption rate than a meat-based diet by 7kg. The majority of the food calories came from food grains, sugars, and sweeteners. The feed grains eaten in the lactoovovegetarian diet was half of the feed grains used to produce animal products.
I: “In the lactoovovegetarian diet, the meat and fish calories were replaced by proportionately increasing most other foods consumed (in table 1) in the vegetarian diet except sugar and sweeteners, fats, and vegetable oils. The total weight of food consumed was slightly higher (1002 kg per year) in the lactoovovegetarian diet than in the meat-based diet (995 kg per year). The most food calories consumed in both diets were associated with food grains, and the second largest amount of calories consumed was from sugar and sweeteners. The amount of feed grains used to produce the animal products (milk and eggs) consumed ...

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...idely followed diet. There are only shortages, but those may appear in every single type of eating habit. Nutrition need of vegetarians and vegans can be fully supplied also, it only requires some knowledge as any other diets do. The same way predan diet has certain risks, deficiency symptoms, which need as much attention as risks of a vegan diet” (1).
P: Both a vegan/vegetarian diet and a predan diet are equally healthy, but there are more problems associated with a meat-based diet. It is best to consult a nutritionist for both diets as there are signs of deficiencies.
I: “A vegan/vegetarian diet which has been selected reasonably with expertise is not any less healthy than a predan diet. Nutritional counseling is necessary for both predans and vegans/vegetarians, as deficiencies may appear in both cases. There are actually more problems with meat-eating diets” (1).

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