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According to Deighton and Kornfeld, (2013) “Social TV” is a term coined to when someone watches television and is on either their smartphone or tablet at the same time. The use of Twitter while watching favorite TV shows or sporting events has provided a way for strangers to share in their thoughts. As the third largest social network, Twitter provides for an opportunity for viewers and 56 million of their closest friends to join in on the conversation. The biggest challenge was the inability to “measure the audience engagement, not just media consumption.” Bluefin’s co-founder Deb Roy created a tool that “could identify how, in the flow of the TV programs and ads, consumers talked about brand, products and TV programs” (Deighton & Kornfeld, 2013, p.1). In 2012, Twitter teamed up with Nielson Media and Social Guide and then in 2013, Twitter acquired BlueFin Labs (p. 3).
BlueFin Labs focused on those publics who needed to have data about the online chatter. They knew that this data could be valuable to “brands, advertising, creative teams, media planners, media buyers, broadcast networks, program writers, directors and producers, and cable systems” (Deighton & Kornfeld, 2013, p. 4). One important element that this case should have identified is the community created by social media users themselves. Heath, editor of the Encyclopedia of Public Relations (2005) identifies “community,” as what “can be conceptualized as a group of people who share a common experience, identity, or interest and who are joined together through their interaction or communication.” (p.171). Twitter users will “tweet” using a maximum of 140 characters to articulate their thoughts, also called “tweeting.” These users will “tweet” about a specifc ...

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