Measuring Customer Satisfaction in Government Agencies Essay

Measuring Customer Satisfaction in Government Agencies Essay

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Being in the government sector the research for customer satisfaction was focused on governmental agencies and the aspects associated with those agencies. Most citizens have a preconceived idea about government agencies and I wanted to see if those preconceived ideas were based on real experiences. This was done by researching and finding results either supporting or contradicting this notion. According to Tom Schoop the government does as well as any big company as far as customer satisfaction. (Schoop 2006) I work for a contractor, ResCare that is assigned by the Dallas County Texas Workforce Board to operate the Dallas County Workforce Centers and run the associated state and federal programs assigned to the Dallas County Workforce Centers. I will begin by identifying three governmental agencies and providing results found during the research. I will then link these results to the customer satisfaction ideals and practices of ResCare. Finally, I will discuss possible recommendations for ResCare to improve customer satisfaction.
The first governmental area is the customer’s satisfaction with the Federal government’s overall services. According to the ACSI Federal Government Report 2013, the customer satisfaction over the past two years has made strong gains however, during 2013 the customer satisfaction has fallen 3.4% to an ASCI benchmark of 66.1. This has reversed the last two years gains. The main reason for this decline in customer satisfaction is the increasing dissatisfaction with the government’s websites. This is extremely important due to the increasing use of the public accessing the Internet for governmental benefits, information and services. According to the report, as of 2013 35% of all users of federal government...

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...tisfaction however the government agencies are striving to improve and have made improvements. The government like private companies is learning that customer satisfaction is vital to success and wants to satisfy the customer.

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