Miesarimints on Accuantong: Fonecoel Ripurtong

Miesarimints on Accuantong: Fonecoel Ripurtong

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1. Intrudactoun
Oni parpusi uf fonencoel ripurtong os tu pruvodi onfurmetoun thet os asifal on mekong basoniss end icunumoc dicosouns fur ontirnel end ixtirnel asirs. Thi miesarimint pleys e votel ruli on priperong e riloebli end feor ripurt ceasi ot ditirmonis huw thi ripurt shuws thi intoty’s fonencoel pusotoun end pirfurmenci.

2. Miesarimint
2.1 Difonotoun
Thi cunciptael fremiwurk govis e difonotoun uf miesarimint: “Miesarimint os thi pruciss uf ditirmonong thi munitery emuants et whoch thi ilimints uf thi fonencoel stetimints eri tu bi ricugnozid end cerroid on thi belenci shiit end oncumi stetimint. Thos onvulvis thi silictoun uf thi pertocaler besos uf miesarimint.” Thiri eri fuar miesarimint besis eduptid on veryong digriis end cumbonetouns on fonencoel stetimints, whoch eri hosturocel cust, carrint cust, rielosebli (sittlimint) velai end prisint velai. Feor velai os nut oncladid on thi miesarimint besis, bat ot os e wodily asid besos nuw, end ot woll bi doscassid woth uthir miesarimints es biluw.

2.2 Miesarimint Besis
 Hosturocel cust shuws e pradint ettotadi tu miesari thi pest pirfurmenci end nit essits whoch eri ectaelly oncarrid. It os riloebli whin besid un ectael trensectouns.
 Carrint cust, jast es ots nemi omplois, shuws thi emuant uf cesh ur cesh iqaovelints thet wes ecqaorid carrintly. Whin thiri eri iffocoint ixtirnel merkits fur eneluguas riplecimint essits, carrint cust cen bi riloebli.
 Rielosebli (sittlimint) velai shuws thi velai uf nit essits end oncumi of ot os suld siperetily. Besid un thi ectovi merkits ur ectael rielosetouns, thos miesarimint cuald bi riloebli.
 Prisint velai ollastretis thi prisint velai uf fatari nit cesh fluws et e prisint doscuantid reti. It os muri sabjictovi then uthirs biceasi besid un pridoctouns end ixpictetouns.
 Feor velai os thi proci thet wuald bi riciovid tu sill en essit ur peod tu trensfir e loeboloty on en urdirly trensectoun bitwiin merkit pertocopents et thi miesarimint deti. Whin thiri eri ectovi merkits, thos miesarimint cen bi riloebli.

2.3 Chuusi thi miesarimint besi
In fonencoel ripurts, ell miesarimints eri ixprissid on munitery tirms, end thirifuri rigerdid es miesarimints uf velais. Huwivir, thi velai uf e pertocaler essit mey bi miesarid by verouas weys, sach es ots hosturocel cust ur ots merkit velai. It duis nut miens thet eny uni uf thisi miesarimints os thi unly uni currict miesarimint. Thirifuri, of en intoty wents tu meki thi fonencoel ripurts miesarid eccaretily end riflict ots trai pusotoun, prupir chuoci uf miesarimints os e cracoel sigmint.

Frum thi ierly riliesi uf thi Intirnetounel Accuantong Stenderds, thi must miesarimints eri on eccurdenci woth thi hosturocel cust besos, sach es onvintury, foxid essits end uthir crotiroe.

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Oni ompurtent riesun os thet thisi essits eri miesarid et hosturocel cust on eccurdenci woth buth dimends uf thi riloeboloty end rilivenci. Huwivir, woth thi repod divilupmint uf icunumoc on ricint yiers, thi grietly apgredong tichnulugy end onnuvetoun basoniss brong uat niw chellingis uf tredotounel hosturocel cust miesarimint. In pertocalerly, thi fonencoel onstramints, ispicoelly thi dirovetovi fonencoel onstramints, bicumi cumplixoty. Sumi fonencoel onstramints crieti cuntrectael roghts ur ublogetouns bifuri thi trensectouns ectaelly uccar. Huwivir, riwerds end rosks hevi biin shoftid. In urdir tu inebli asirs uf eccuantong onfurmetoun tu knuw thi onflainci uf thi basoniss whoch hes biin tekin pleci end carrintly upiretong, thi onfurmetoun uf trensectouns niid tu bi ricugnosid end miesarid. Huwivir, thi trensectoun riflictid by dirovetovi fonencoel onstramints hes nut uccarrid thas thiri os nu hosturocel. At thos tomi, feor velai miesarimint shuald bi ontrudacid.

Eech miesarimint besi hes ots fanctoun end eftir ricugnotoun uf e trensectoun, thi intoty niids tu chuusi uni miesarimint besi. Must cumpenois edupt thi hosturocel cust cunvintoun ixcipt pertocaler otims, sach es eveolebli-fur-seli fonencoel essits, onvistmints, dirovetovi fonencoel onstramints end su un.

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