Essay on Measure the Child’s Progress in Correlation to a Particular Standard

Essay on Measure the Child’s Progress in Correlation to a Particular Standard

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There are many aspects to a good curriculum. One valuable aspect to the curriculum is conducting comprehensible and beneficial assessments. The objective to theses authentic assessments is to measure the child’s progress in correlation to a particular standard.
Assessments also allow us to understand the child as a whole. Without assessments many students become just member of a group and not a separate individual. Is children physically, emotionally, and socially ready to precede into kindergarten. If the child is not able to meet all the standards or able to be ready for kindergarten, assessments help teachers to tailor their curriculum so they can meet the two accomplishments. Assessments can additionally alert teachers when there is a need for social or health services.
The information gathered from assessments can be used to inform policy makers, faculity, and caregivers on children’s progress. It allows others to see observations that would not otherwise been seen by others .
Assessments not only allow us to understand children better, it allows us equally produce a meaningful curriculum plan. Before a valuable assessment can be conducted a teacher must first come up with a comprehensible curriculum based on research, and developmental theory. These two components act as the foundation of “what to \teach, how to teach, and how to assess children’s learning.( Dodge, Heroman., Charles, & Maiorca, 2004,pg.10).
Once the curriculum has been implemented, a teacher must observe and evaluate how the curriculum is working. These are the first components of the assessing process. First the teacher views the student visually. She may take notes or may make a mental note of what she sees. She then may conduct additional infor...

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... child’s interest in beads and string to teach math concepts and develop hand eye. Based on the assessment results of a child the teacher may alter the activity to meet a different standard,
Context in which the learning takes place in may also be changed based on the assessment knowledge. Teacher may use a modelling technique or a coaching technique in a lesson or activity. During the modeling technique, a student imitates a teacher’s action. During a coaching activity a teacher talks the child through the activity. Sometimes it is necessary for a teacher to implement both techniques depending on the student’s needs.
Lastly the environment may need to be altered as well. For example, students as problem meeting the social standards, therefore she may create activities that encourage different environments of play. This way the child can grow.

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