Measurable Outcomes Of Measurable Postsecondary Goals Essay

Measurable Outcomes Of Measurable Postsecondary Goals Essay

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Measurable Postsecondary Goals
A measurable postsecondary goal is an outcome that occurs after the person has left high school. When writing post-secondary goals in the IEP, it is similar to the process of writing annual IEP goals. Language should indicate the outcome, when it occur and how it is measured. It is measurable if it is stated in a manner that can be counted as occurring or not occurring. Statements that indicate what a student “will” do indicate measurable postsecondary goals. Statements that indicate that a student “plans to” or “hopes to” or “will investigate” do not indicate measurable postsecondary goals. The differences between annual goals and post-secondary goals is that post-secondary goals are written for what will occur after high school in relation to employment, education/training and independent living.
All students are required to have at least two measurable postsecondary goals documented in their IEP; this must include a postsecondary goal for employment AND a postsecondary goal for Training or Education, required to have an employment goal and an education or training goal that supports their employment goal. Some students based upon assessment information, may require also require a goal for Independent Living.

Guiding Questions
 Where is the student going to work or engage in productive activities after graduation?
 Where and how is the student going to continue to learn and/or develop skills after graduation?
 Where is the student going to live and how is he or she going to access adult services?

A Helpful Formula for writing post-secondary goals

______________________ _________________ will ___________________ ______________
(After high school) (The Student) (Beha...

... middle of paper ...

...ating from high school, (Student) will receive on the job training and supported employment services from a Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) funded adult services agency.”
Independent Living Goals
Independent living goals indicates the skills, supports, services, or assistance the student may require to be independent in the community. This may include living arrangements, accessing adult supports/services, transportation, community participation, and recreational activities.
• “Upon graduating from high school, (Student) will utilize public/private transportation.”
• “Upon graduating from high school, (Student) will utilize an assistive technology device to communicate wants, needs, and to interact with others.”
• “Upon graduating from high school, (Student) will participate in age-appropriate community recreational/leisure activities.”

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