Essay about Measles Immunization Compliance Among Uninsured

Essay about Measles Immunization Compliance Among Uninsured

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Measles Immunization Compliance Among Uninsured
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), reported measles cases increased in 2014 and 2015, with the majority of the cases occurring in unvaccinated individuals. Measles is an acute viral illness that is spread by an infected person though droplets or direct contact with oral or nasal secretions or airborne particles. Measles is highly contagious and can lead to pneumonia, encephalitis, and even death. From January 4 until April 2 of this year, 159 cases of measles were reported in the United States. More than eighty percent of the affected individuals were not vaccinated or were unsure of vaccination status, although forty percent were not eligible to receive the vaccine due to age or health status. Another forty three percent cited religious of philosophical objections to the vaccination, while four percent cited missed opportunities for vaccinations and thirteen percent had other reasons for not receiving the vaccination (Clemmons, 2015).
Health People 2020 developed a target of 90% immunization compliance rate. In 2013, compliance rates reached 90% for children aged 19-35 months. This high rate of vaccination coverage of this age group indicates that vaccination remains a widely accepted public health measure. Individuals that do not receive the first dose at 12-18 months, with a second dose at 4-6 years old, must provide a religious exemption to attend public and private schools. People may have personal beliefs, religious or philosophical, that prevents immunization. Others have delayed or omitted vaccines due to perceived safety issues, as myths and unsubstantiated claims brought new concerns about vaccines. A new issue emerged: vaccine hesitancy...

... middle of paper ... each other, and this would provide evidence that the message is getting out into the community.
Evaluation of Achievement of Goals
The goal is to have a vaccination rate of 90% or greater by 2020. This can be measured by the amount of vaccinations administered to the individuals of the community. These rates are already tracked, so this will be measured against current rates. This will determine if the goals are successfully achieved. However, in the event that there is no change after shorter period, interventions may need to be reevaluated, and possible other interventions may need to be considered in order to achieve the goal successfully. The public health nurse can collaborate with the other members of the team including physicians, community organizations, local governments and vaccine centers to establish other interventions in order to achieve the goal.

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