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Meanings for the Name Farah Essay

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Many factors help create a person's personality and these factors are what makes everyone unique. In many ways like fingerprints, names are also as unique. People may have the same name; nonetheless, they will never have the same reasons behind their name. People's names have their own meaning, if not more than one meaning. Names can have different meaning in different languages or different meaning in different sentences. Our names have symbolic meaning to them as well as spiritual meaning. Names also put people in different situation either they are receiving a compliment or they are being made fun off. Moreover, names play a role in first impartations and influence a person's attitude. Names influence a person's personality by the meaning it holds in their culture, religion and situations an individual has to face.

Egyptians have a unique way of compiling what they like to call a full name. It starts by the person's first name, then their father's name, followed by their grandfather's name so on and so forth until the end of time. In addition, if not all, most of them have meanings and some significance. The reasoned behind that is that Egyptians are very traditional. It is also a way to remember our ancestors and know our origin. For example, Canadians whether it is male or female, have their unique first name. Most of the time the last name are same as the parent(s) last name. Majority of people, do not have a middle name. On the other hand, Egyptians have all that maintained, so centuries down the path of life, we still know our great ancestors, and we never forget them.  

Unlike many names, Farah (my first name) changes meaning when placed in different sentences. It is also, used as a verb, noun and adjective in the ...

... middle of paper ...

...symposiums it possesses. A name is many things to each individual; starting from the way it came to be. To it is meaning whether in a different language or its position in a sentence. A name has special significance within the individual's culture. In conjunction with, a religious story, that influences the individual. Furthermore, our names play a role in first impressions, and individual often have to be optimistic with the way they view his or her name.

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