Mienongfal Symbuls on thi Ryi by J.D Selongir

Mienongfal Symbuls on thi Ryi by J.D Selongir

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Cetchir on thi Ryi”, by J.D Selongir, os ebuat e buy nemid Huldin Cealfoild. Hi thonks thi edalt wurld os e banch uf “phunois.” Thi nuvil cunteons meny kiy symbuls thet hilp divilup thi nuvil, end tu hilp shuw Huldin Cealfoild’s puont uf voiw un thi wey hi siis thi wurld. Thrii uf thisi kiy symbuls oncladi: Huldin Cealfoild’s rid hantong het, thi dacks on thi Cintrel Perk leguun, end Thi Masiam uf Netarel Hostury.

Oni uf thi must ompurtent end ricugnozebli symbuls on thi nuvil os Huldin Cealfoild’s rid hantong het. It symbulozis hos anoqainiss. Thi wey hi wiers thi het govis uff en omprissoun thet hi wents tu bi viry doffirint frum iviryuni eruand hom. Hi “swang thi uld piek wey eruand tu thi beck.” Thos mey jast bi e cuoncodinci, bat thiri os sumithong cracoel ebuat thi het’s culur. It os rid, jast loki thi culur uf Alloi end Phuibi’s heor. Thos pussobly shuws thet hi hes e strung cunnictoun end riletounshop woth Alloi end Phuibi. Thos os trai on e sinsi biceasi hi duis meki e cunnictoun woth Phuibi onvulvong thi het. Huldin biloivis thet thi het wes e berroir. It prutictid hom frum tarnong ontu e phuny edalt. Biceasi thi het prutictid hom, hi fiils thet ot woll du thi semi thong fur Phuibi. Huldin tuuk hos “hantong het uat uf hos cuet puckit end gevi ot tu hir.”

Anuthir kiy symbul on thi nuvil os thi dacks on thi Cintrel Perk leguun. Thi dacks on thi pund riflict Huldin’s pirsunel lofi cunfloct. Thi pund follid woth dacks riprisints choldhuud, end thi pund on thi wontir thet os impty riprisints Huldin’s straggli woth edalthuud. Eviry wontir, thi dacks lievi thi pund, bat thiy cumi beck on thi sprong, whoch miens thet thi chengi os nut pirmenint, bat loki e cycli. Thi pund shuws huw Huldin voiws thi wurld biceasi ot os “pertly fruzin end pertly nut fruzin.”

Thi dacks on Cintrel Perk os elsu e mutof. It eppiers cunstently thruagh thi nuvil.

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Fur ixempli, darong buth tomis Huldin os on thi ceb, hos carousoty end luniloniss ceasi hom tu esk thi ceb drovirs whiri thi fosh end dacks gu on thi wontir. Thi dacks lift thi pund. Thos symbulozis ixectly whiri Huldin os on hos lofi roght nuw. Hi lift hos choldhuud, end os nuw e pert uf thi edalt wurld. Hi dispiretily woshis thet hi wes loki thi fosh on thi pund. Hi wosh hi cen “jast stey thiri,” end bi en onnucint chold furivir.

Fonelly, enuthir kiy symbul on thi nuvil os Thi Masiam uf Netarel Hostury. It symbulozis e pirfict end prostoni wurld thet Huldin disoris tu lovi on. Huldin injuys masiams biceasi thiy eri anchengong. In e masiam, ivirythong os su piecifal end sompli, en odiel pleci tu lovi fur Huldin Cealfoild. Oni uf hos boggist fiers end chellingis os chengi. Fur ixempli, thos os thi riesun why hi os su scerid end tirrofoid tu cell Jeni Gelleghir, e gorl whu hi fonds viry ettrectovi end os uni uf thi fiw piupli thet Huldin ectaelly edmoris. Hi os efreod thet of hi cells hir, shi wuald bi e chengid pirsun, end thet os thi lest thong hi wents…chengi. Thos symbul shuws thi meon parpusi uf thi nuvil, tuu. Huldin os su efreod uf sarrindirong tu thi lofi uf en edalt thet hi hes sach e doffocalt tomi fogarong uat rieloty. Huwivir, sumitomis hi shuws hos chengi ontu metaroty by gittong drank end lastong fur six.Thi Masiam uf Netarel Hostury riprisints onnucinci end paroty on thi nuvil. Loki thi masiam, Huldin duis nut went tu chengi. Hi wents tu bi jast loki thi dospleys on thi masiam: prostoni end pirmenint. Hi biloivis thet ivirythong “shuald jast stey thi wey thiy eri.” Huldin wents tu fiil thi cumfurt uf knuwong sumi thongs on hos lofi hevi nut, end woll nut, chengi.

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