The Meaning Of Wine As An Alcoholic Beverage With A Rich Past And The Imbibing On The Fermentation Of

The Meaning Of Wine As An Alcoholic Beverage With A Rich Past And The Imbibing On The Fermentation Of

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The Meaning of Wine
Wine is an alcoholic beverage with a rich past and the imbibing on the fermentation of grapes is not a new practice by any means; the first demonstration of the use of grapes in the production of wine was in China 7,000 BC (Hirst). From that point on, several cultures the world over have both textual, and to a lesser degree radiocarbon dated physical evidence, of the use of wine (Hirst). As a result of its lengthy history, the embodiment of wine in religious practices comes to little surprise to historians of ancient civilizations (Lopez, Harvey, Clark, & Walotsky). Therefore, wine holds important symbolic representations in religions such as; Judaism, Christianity, and in the cult of the Greek God Dionysius.
In Jewish Culture, wine is considered a divine beverage because it is the only fluid that has a special blessing said over it by a Rabbi before consumption (Silberg). For this reason, wine is a part of almost every Jewish celebration and service from weddings to funerals (Lopez, et al.). According to Wein, wine is supposed to be symbolic of blood, and blood has always been a representative of life; “for the life of the body is in its blood" (The Holy Bible, Lev 17:11). Silberg offers another explanation for the symbolism of wine explaining that it can also emblematize freedom; he states “It is the appropriate beverage for the nights when (sic) [the Jewish people] celebrate freedom from Egyptian bondage.” So upon imbibing on wine, Jewish people are, in fact, not just honoring the occasion they are attending at present, but celebrating the circumstance of life itself. It is because of these reasons that wine is introduced at a very early age to Jewish children, and therefore culturally and religiously, t...

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