The Meaning Of Advertising And The Customers Essay

The Meaning Of Advertising And The Customers Essay

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The meaning of advertising to the customers
Advertisements not only contribute to the producers and businessmen but also contribute to the customers. It plays a very key role in customers ' life and offers a consciousness of existence of the products and services to the consumers. The meaning of Advertising to the consumers can be talk about under the following several pointes. The first is convenience; Advertising will be making shopping simple by decreasing the time and energy participate in shopping. For example, consumers can be conscious of the source and performance of different products and don 't spent time to search them out. They have a better choice in the midst of different styles. The second is education of consumers; Advertising can offer education and professorial knowledge to the customers about new products and different purposes. For example, customers gain a better suggests in the safe and correct purpose of products and explore new method of life. In this point, advertising benefits better living to customers. The third is better quality; Advertising is usually finished by brand name. Manufactures try to build prominent art style in their products and service to successfully transmit the highlight of products. For example, customers need to find defect in advertising and hope to live up to the products ' image, make them to increase the quality and design of products. Therefore, customer will gain better quality and all kinds of products.
Above all of advantage offered to the customers has key role in customers ' consumption view and a very important aspect of business marketing.

The meaning of Advertising to sellers
Enterprise needs advertising for many aims. Certainly, sellers need advertising for better pr...

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...inciple of advertising. There are three as follows:
First, honey in advertising. It is an extremely effective through:
 Shocking misleading business behavior
 Heartening the provision of correct and honesty information
 Increasing competition through assuring a fair competition environment
 Enabling a right to know to customer
Second, the pride of the human
 The pride of the human being must be pay attention to the right of human
 Keep a watchful eye on vulnerable group, example to left behind children, poor people and the disabled.
Third, social responsibility in advertising
 Advertisement has a high degree of social responsibility, focus on its famous business responsibility. Advertiser build their own social responsibility is very important for advertising. They should develop a set of ethical and social norm before think about to release to the consumers.

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