The Meaning of Accessing Our Thoughts Essay

The Meaning of Accessing Our Thoughts Essay

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It has been a common philosophical principle, since Descartes, that each of us has an ultimate access to our thoughts. This principle implies individual’s ability to process inner thoughts in such a way that nobody else can. Even though Descartes has great confidence in his belief of privileged access, there still exists some skeptical doubts concerning whether human beings could possess such ability. As an individualist, I have strong belief in human’s power over our thoughts. Although there are circumstances that can cause us to make mistake about what we think, the privileged access to our own thoughts are undeniable. In order to prove the truth of our privileged access, I will use some of Descartes’ argument. In his work, Meditation, Descartes goes through his method of doubts to reach to the conclusion that his act of thinking is indubitable. He can doubt about every single thing exists on Earth but he cannot doubt the fact that he’s thinking. Doubt, in other term, is also a form of thoughts. Following Descartes’ path, I’m certain that in order for my thoughts to occur, I have to do the thinking independently. Because I am the one who perform such act, I automatically possess a personal authority over my own thoughts that nobody else can. I can express my thoughts to others by telling them what I’m thinking but they can’t receive the whole content of my thoughts as much as I do. The third person, when they receive my information, will immediately evaluate and analyze it. Not so much for the first person. When I think about something, I just know that I’m thinking. I do not have to infer or analyze every single thought that I have. For example, I can think about an apple and the thought in my head would be: “an apple” or “I’...

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...osition if I’m jealous of my friend’s achievement based on their observation of my behavior. The fact that I don’t realize that I’m jealous doesn’t mean that I do not have access to my thoughts. I might actually know that I’m jealous but I might not fully understand the concept of jealousy or I might not want to acknowledge such thoughts because of self-deceit. Either way, I still have the ability to know my jealousy but other people, with much more experience than I am, can acknowledge it faster than I do.
I strongly believe that humans possess a tremendous power upon themselves. As a human being, not only that I have a privileged access to my own thoughts but I also have an ultimate ability to process those thoughts in such a way that nobody else can. This ability allows me to achieve self-knowledge and to become a fully developed individual.

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