The Meanest Doll In The World By Ann M. Martin and Laura Godwin

The Meanest Doll In The World By Ann M. Martin and Laura Godwin

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Annabelle Doll is no ordinary doll, when she was being manufactured; she and a few other dolls took the doll oath which said that dolls were allowed to be alive. If a doll who had taken the oath accidentally been seen by humans, the first time they would be in TDS or Temporary Doll State; the second time they would be put in PDS or Permanent Doll State. If a doll were to be seen moving by a human and they purposely were seen they would be put into PDS. Annabelle Doll was an old style, Victorian doll made of china, she was passed down three generations, but when the third generations family needed another dollhouse play set for their youngest daughter they bought a plastic one. Since the new dolls, the Funcrafts were made of plastic they were a little more adventurous. Tiffany Funcraft was best friends with Annabelle Doll, they played together, talked together, and they made their own organization, SELMP or Society for Exploration and the Location of Missing People.

Rising Events:
Auntie Sarah was Annabelle’s aunt, she would often go on explorations through the house either when the family wasn’t around, or when they were sleeping. Annabelle had always wanted to tag along, she never had the courage to ask Auntie Sarah though, and one day Auntie Sarah approached Annabelle and asked her if she would join her, Annabelle invited Tiffany. They go to look at the spiders, it was time to go, and Annabelle got stuck in the spider’s web. When they helped her get out, moments later, the family came down, Auntie Sarah was able to hide, Annabelle and Tiffany were too far ahead already. They leapt into a book bag, and went to school with Kate, and when the hall was quite they began to roam in search of Kate, the owner of the Funcrafts. School ends, the two dolls didn’t make it back in time they roamed the school hallways the next day they returned right away to the book bags and stayed in there the entire day. To their surprise, they went into the wrong book bag; it was a Friday so they wouldn’t get home until Monday. The family Annabelle and Tiffany came home with leave on long weekends, and we meet the meanest doll in the world, Princess Mimi. Princess Mimi corners the other living dolls with fear, and then she meets Annabelle and Tiffany; when she leaves we find out they don’t want to be her friend because she thinks she’s queen of all dolls and she treats her friends like slaves.

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They began to call her Mean Mimi, when they dispersed from her web of lies, she began to attack the eleven dolls living in the house, and she only has three friends who she controls out of fear. We learn she is going to attack again, during this last war, Tiffany and Annabelle befriend two of their enemies, and learn one of them that is an action figure, is a doll in disguise, he was no longer scary. Mean Mimi was no longer a threat or in charge in her house. Sunday night they climb into the backpack, go to school, get into Kate’s book bag.

When Annabelle and Tiffany get home they tell the rest of the family about their adventures. They also asked for what they could do about Mean Mimi, and how she put the entire doll population at risk. Then Mean Mimi gets out of Kate’s book bag and everyone makes faces at her, staring in awe. Mean Mimi says people misinterpret her; they act mean to her, Mama doll felt sympathetic towards her. When Kate was approaching, everyone went to their places, Mimi was supposed to go to the camper, they expected to hear her open and shut the door, and she didn’t. Mean Mimi was a threat and the family was scared. When Nora was sleeping, Mean Mimi yelled at the top of her lungs “Your dollies are alive. They’re alive!” the family kept on eye on Nora and Kate. They held a neighborhood meeting where they thought about what to do, they were going to tie her up, and Annabelle said to do nothing, eventually she will get herself in trouble, everyone thought her idea was awkward, and never going to work.

Falling Events:
Annabelle entrusts Tiffany with her deep dark secrets, including the fact that she will never brave as brave as her or Auntie Sarah; also that she thinks that Mean Mimi in the house is her fault. She also says how she would understand if Auntie Sarah never wanted her to go on an exploration again. Mimi is nowhere to be found, the family thinks that she might have left. They made an elaborate scheme to help trap Mimi with a princess crown, they would trap her in the camper. The plan failed when the pet cat, Captain was caught in the trap, that night Annabelle was thinking in the camper. Mean Mimi came and she said that Tiffany was her best friends now, and that Tiffany told all the secrets to Mimi, and that they went on an exploration without her. Annabelle believes her and doesn’t speak to Tiffany or Auntie Sarah for an entire week, one day Kate sat the two, Annabelle and Tiffany together, they saw Mimi come from under the bed. Mimi climbed up the bookcase, while Kate was on the bed reading, Mimi jumped off the bookcase, screamed Kate’s name, that instant Nora opened the door also calling Kate. Nora claimed she saw Mimi jump off the bookcase, Kate said she was being silly and left Mimi. It was 2:30, it mean 2:30 the next day Mimi would be out of TDS*, the next day she didn’t move, the family kept a close eye on Mimi for the next few days. They finally decided she was in PDS*.

Mean Mimi was no longer a threat because she couldn’t move anymore, she was in PDS*. Auntie Sarah brought Annabelle in front of the Neighborhood meeting and said everyone owed her an apology. She was right, if they had done nothing, Mimi would have driven herself “in”, or gotten herself into big trouble. Annabelle doll was more confident in herself, and everything went back to the way it was supposed to be, normal.

Major Characters:
Annabelle Doll
Tiffany Funcraft
Princess Mimi
Kate Palmer
Auntie Sarah
Minor Characters:
Nora Palmer
The Doll family
The Funcraft family
The Palmer family
PJ Party Pals (Pink Penny, Blue Beth, Yellow Yvonne)
Troll Twins (Waterfall, Magnificent Mariah Raynebow a.k.a Melody)
The 6 Cutouts
Techno-Man Action Figure (doll in disguise)
The Sandra doll
Sleeping Billy
Lessons of risk, self-fulfillment
Dealing with differences

Internal Conflicts:
Person vs. Self:
-Annabelle Doll is sacred because she thinks she is different from everyone and thinks at one point, they all won’t like her anymore. Although she is only eight, she worries about everything
External conflicts:
Person vs. Person/group:
-When Annabelle gave the idea that the dolls should just pretend Mimi’s doesn’t exist and live their normal lives, they all look at one another and agree it was not the best idea
-Mimi is hated by the dolls at BJ’s house and Kate’s house because she is mean, bossy, and a threat to all doll kind
Person vs. Fate/luck/chance/destiny:
-Mimi was faced with a reality check or destiny when she was put into PDS*. She wanted to ruin the Doll’s lives by attempting to tell the humans that their “dollies” were alive, she faced destiny that made her paralyzed and inanimate.
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