Mean Boys Vs. Mean Girls Essay

Mean Boys Vs. Mean Girls Essay

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Mean Girls vs. Mean Girls 2

I’m sure almost everyone has seen the very popular and very successful movie Mean Girls, starring Lindsay Lohan as a high school girl trying to adjust to a new school and make new friends along the way. She has just moved from Africa and is starting at a brand new school. She becomes friends with two different friend groups, “The Plastics”, and “The Losers”. Cady is in constant battle with trying to please both groups and make everyone, including herself, happy. On the other hand, a sequel came out years later, Mean Girls 2. This movie had the same idea as did the first film. A girl named Jo is the new girl at North Shore High. She is totally against “The Plastics” and the drama that comes along with them. So she formed a group called “The Anti Plastics” to go against the original group. All in all, I believe the original Mean Girls movie is better than the sequel, Mean Girls 2, for many reasons such as the characters in each movie, the dates released, the content of each movie, and lastly the popularity and awards won by each film.

A film can be transformed from a good movie to a great movie solely based on the actors chosen to play certain characters in that film. Actors that are more well-known can create publicity and popularity for a movie that a newer and not so well-known actor doesn’t have the power to achieve. That was definitely the case with the Mean Girls series. The original Mean Girls movie casted numerous well-known and famous Hollywood actors to be in the film, unlike the second movie which stared very new and young actors who didn’t have their names out their yet. Lindsay Lohan was the lead role in the first movie, and I believe her being the main character contributes highly to t...

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...main reason behind people enjoying movies is because of the character. The audience also will not be interested if the movies are too far apart, for example, the Mean Girls movies were seven years apart, making the audience question why there was even another movie made with different plots. The first movie made more money and had higher ratings and reviews which makes it memorable due to the slang terms/phrases used in this movie that are still used to this day. In the second movie, there was a totally different plot taking place that had nothing to do with the first movie. In the first movie, fashion was a different decade which made the fashion different in the second one because of it being a different time in society. All of these reasons prove my thesis, that the first Mean Girls movie is phenomenal film in comparison to the sequel which was a big let-down.

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