Me, Myself, And Advertising Essay

Me, Myself, And Advertising Essay

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Me, Myself, and Advertising

I’m Noah Percy, a high school student from Norwalk, Iowa. Although I live in a small suburb, I have a passion for all things metropolitan. I love travel, and the unique culinary experiences that come with it. My interests include design, architecture, and style, which I like to think of myself adept in. I have a craving for coffee just like any other student; But my appetite also includes news and politics. My favorite sources are the New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Vox, and Politico. Although I consider myself a Democrat, I prefer to put people before politics.
At this point, while I don’t have my career officially decided, I know the general direction I want to go. I’ve always been interested in the relationship between the business and the consumer. I’ve looked at careers in branding and advertising in both agency and corporate environments. The reason I’m taking this class is because I want an understanding of the dynamics of a career in advertising. I also would like to learn how to create amazing campaigns that can capture and communicate the company 's brand to the mind of the consumer.
I do have some experience in advertising and branding, and coincidentally I would say it was one of the most challenging projects I have done. A year or so ago, I created the brand of a friend’s artisan bread company, Coeur Bread, and handled both the advertising and brand management for the company. Creating a brand that could communicate the passion and heart put into the creation of her artisan bread was challenging. On top of that, creating the means that would promote that brand to customers was even more challenging. However, I enjoyed the project and it turned out extremely successful. Sales went...

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...ey off of low income families in need of cash. By using television advertisements, payday lenders convinced viewers that borrowing money from them was simple, safe, and inexpensive. However, customers lured in soon found that they paid exorbitant amounts of interest, and a simple missed payment could result in a lifetime of debt. This is an example of a company using advertising to prey on consumers. Thankfully, we do have government provisions and laws on advertising, but often times they can be overwhelmed or compromised.
I’m truly excited to be taking this class, and I hope it will teach me more about how to responsibly use advertising to promote products while building strong and cultural brands that translate into higher sales. Fingers crossed, this experience will be an important and inspiring step in propelling me toward a satisfying and successful career.

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