Essay about The McMillan Sisters and Early Childhood Education

Essay about The McMillan Sisters and Early Childhood Education

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Education has come a extensive way from the times of Plato and Aristotle, but from each new era came a person with a concept that effected the world of education eternally. Sisters, Margaret and Rachel McMillian influenced education through their development of the Open-Air Nursery School in more way then one. Not only had they introduced the idea of starting education at a younger age then the fledgling kindergarten program, but their school was devised for kids from low- income areas that needed the extra care as well. A unique concept of the time that grasped my interest and made me want to discover more about their program and it’s effect on Early Childhood Education.
The Open-Air Nursery School did more than begin the education process earlier, allowing children to have a better education. The nursery school got its name from what the sisters wished to achieve through their school, “care, nurture and learning” and that’s exactly what they did, nurtured. Through their program they worked on improving the welfare of the “slum child” by campaigning for school meals and opening Britain’s first school clinic. The purpose of this program was to improve the child both mentally and physically before they entered regular schooling. This concept of an early start on education influenced education in copious ways, including the spread of nursery schools throughout the world. In the United States nursery schools opened up for middle-class children as a way of not only giving children early learning experiences to help them develop but also to give parents some free time while providing a sense of community. In addition to the nursery schools made for middle-class families, the type of nursery schools the McMillian sisters created (f...

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...ucation to be equivalent. The idea of letting the child explore and learn through their play is a practice that I will associate to my teaching style as an Early Childhood Educator.

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