Mcgregor 's X And Y Theory, Maslow 's Hierarchy Of Needs Theory Essay example

Mcgregor 's X And Y Theory, Maslow 's Hierarchy Of Needs Theory Essay example

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McGregor’s X and Y Theory, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory and the Hawthorne Studies
Over the last few decades police work has shifted from the force approach to a more service oriented and diverse organization because police rely on public approval to maintain their legitimacy. Therefore, organization structure and meeting the needs of society is dependent upon the behavior of administrators and managers. The organization itself can be very large with many different complex and specialized departments under a hierarchy chain of command. While hierarchy exist in all organizations, supervisors must ensure proper command without becoming a burden on those they supervise. Management refers to police administers and supervisors deciding subordinate activities, communication and motivational techniques to provide the leadership role. Management represents the department’s contributions and the effectiveness of the department to meet challenges in society. This included planning out how to accomplish objectives, forming a structure of units to accomplish the goal, providing adequately trained officers, directing the process and decision making on rules, procedures, and duties. In addition to coordinating functions, reporting, documentation, and budgeting to make sure resources are available. Therefore, not only is hierarchy in the chain of command a necessary part of coordinating complex organizations, but staff motivation is also necessary in achieving the goals and mission of the department to meet societies expectations.
According to Gaines and Kappeler (2015), the human relations concept of management was adopted by the police and the government to give employees more consideration in the organizational structure. The human ...

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...ces and recognition.
As department try to professionalize and are taking on the community policing role, they must foster a relationship with community members, which means police department must allow officers a certain amount of discretion to assume this role. According to Gaines and Kappeler (2015), the military model causes distrust, poor morale, lower performance, and communication problems if subordinates are treated as robots instead of giving the power to use critical thinking skills at the community level. While the classical organizational theory remains the most effective model in policing, it relies heavily on strong leadership and managerial philosophy to confront social change. With this in mind, administrators need to be flexible and balance the needs of those in the department, organization and society to achieve organizational objectives and goals.

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