Mcdonald's Restaurants Influence on Hong Kong Culture Essay

Mcdonald's Restaurants Influence on Hong Kong Culture Essay

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The McDonald's Corporation is one of the world’s largest chain fast food restaurant, which is headquartered in the United States. It has expanded its business in 119 countries, including Hong Kong. The company mainly provides fast food such as hamburgers, french fries, chickens and soft drinks. McDonald’s started its business in Hong Kong in 1975. Now, the company already has 218 branches in Hong Kong. Our group would like to analyze how McDonald's Restaurants (HK) Ltd(McDonald's) maintained its sustainability of business in the past 38 years since it had already influenced lifestyle of most Hong Kong people and become part of the local culture of Hong Kong.

Analysis of sustainability of McDonald's

Economic Perspective
McDonald’s is one of the popular fast food chains in Hong Kong and the success of McDonald’s is due to it is able to create a homogeneous “global” culture that suit to the demands of a capitalist world. In Hong Kong, Time is money thus McDonald’s strategy is consistently fit to the fast food industry. The company has both economic strategy targeting at customer globally and locally.

Global Strategies
Firstly, McDonald’s paid attention to the children in every country. They have built “happy land” for them and offered the “happy meals” with innovative toys to them. Since children is one of the biggest consumer groups to McDonald’s, and they have created a place with “happiness” culture to attract the children. It is a successful decision that building a business by focusing on the children since it can encourage the whole family to come to McDonald’s.McDonald’s is not only selling the happy meal to the children, but also selling American culture to them, it is a proper strategy to build the brand loyalty from th...

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...ring their own cup to McDonald can gain one points, and they can get a free drink after they collected five points. In addition to offering discounts, McDonald could suggest customers to use a lower price to buy a reusable tableware set, designed by celebrities, when people buy a set meal. These can reduce the waste brought by disposable tableware.


To conclude, McDonald’s definitely did a great job in maintaining its sustainability in the economic perspective. However, the performance of company in social and environmental perspective is not satisfactory. Some may suggest that most criticisms are oddly jealous from its competitors. Yet, it is important for an international company do consider its surrounding while earning money from it. McDonald’s needs to pay more effort on truly serving the community, instead of just fighting back those criticisms.

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