McDonald’s Innovative Project Failure: Case Study Essay

McDonald’s Innovative Project Failure: Case Study Essay

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McDonald’s Innovative Project Failure: Case Study
McDonald’s is the world’s largest food chain for supplying burgers and other fast food options, when it comes to quality they definitely don’t hesitate to spend money and come up with new techniques. For the similar purpose, like for the satisfaction of their customers and the increase sales rate they tried to start a new project in year 2001 called as “INNOVATE”. The basic theme was globalization. Bringing different branches on a single platform, connecting all the restaurants and managing it through a single forum. The idea wasn’t a bad one. The project was big enough to cover 120 countries and 30,000 branches using intranet, providing all the necessary information about a particular branch, like e.g. if a temperature gauge is not proper it will give you that info, if the sales is not up to the standard it will certainly tell you. It was a global ERP system that cost money around $1billion but still couldn’t get through.

The reasons for the failure of McDonald’s Innovate project.

Project Handling:
To start a project there are several things an organization should be looking at, it’s just a simple rule of thumb kind of thing.
Defining a proper scope of a project is the basic layout, on which everything goes out then, if you lay out a good sound scope and define your processes up to the extension then only it will be easier to work on simpler tasks.
Checking the abrupt market changes and current technology is another important thing to put in notice. Questions like can technology help us in improving the things we are doing? Is it really feasible to go into a big process to bring change yet to keep track of all the improvements?
Also simplifyi...

... middle of paper ...
7- Information Sharing
Flow of the information should have been better than this, top and bottom management didn’t work together properly resulting in failure. 

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