McDonald’s Contribution to the Environment and the Community Essay

McDonald’s Contribution to the Environment and the Community Essay

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The Golden Arches also known as McDonald’s. Who has not heard of this restaurants name? There are different food choices, career opportunities and community commitments within this corporation. Some may think McDonald’s is the greatest food service retailer or perhaps the worst company that could have evolved in Canada and the United States.

The content entailed in this report shall inform you that there are more then just hamburgers and french fries in the world of McDonald’s. The major topics covered are McDonald’s contribution to the environment, and to the community. For example, Ronald McDonald House, and the continuing support of sports sponsorships.

Perhaps the most popular misconception tends to gear towards the obesity epidemic in North America. We seem to neglect the positive efforts contributed by McDonald’s and dwell on the negative issues brought upon by consumers.

Information has been collected from a variety of sources. Sources include NAIT Library Databases, personal and professional websites from the internet. Collection of concepts and ideas from multiple sources were able to give this report a variation of context.

Brief History

• 1967: First McDonald’s in Canada opened in Richmond, BC
• 1976: Breakfast menu has been introduced
• 1977: McHappy Day first introduced
• 1981: Canada’s largest food service organization
• 1994: Agreement signed with Wal-Mart
• 1997: McFlurry
• 2000: McValue menu
• 2003: First to offer wifi
• 2004: 10¢ Happy Meal. 10¢ from each Happy Meal donated to Ronald McDonald House Charities
• 2005: Toasted Deli Sandwiches

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Ronald McDonald House is a national children’s charity dedicated to helping kids. Helping children with seriou...

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