Essay on McDonald's: Analyzing the Empire

Essay on McDonald's: Analyzing the Empire

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In the classic definition of the word “Industry” refers to a group of companies that perform the same type of work or that offer a similar product; however in today’s economy, similar industries can offer the same type of work even though the product can be vastly different.
In terms of the Fast Food Industry the competition is always expanding and changing as there are several types of cuisine that a company can capitalize on and offer in a fast food format. McDonald’s has competition from many angles vying for their market share, but for the sake of this project it’s relevant competition would be those competitors in the same segment of the fast food market, namely Burger King, Wendy’s and Jack in the Box.
In terms of competition the three closest competitors together only control approximately 6% of the market (2% each) while McDonald’s holds about 19% of the fast food burger market. Whereas, Jack in the Box and Burger King have remained cyclical in terms of their menus outward growth (both companies menus are comprised of mainly burgers and fried items, with little to no healthy alternatives). On the other Hand, Wendy’s and McDonald’s have embraced the value of healthier menu items whether out of necessity or to avoid potential litigation in the future.
While there are several medium, small chain and independent fast food restaurants in the world and many more opening every day there are very few that pose any threat in the immediate future to the juggernaut that is McDonald’s.
While fast food restaurant options abound, the fast food market is nearly devoid of healthy alternatives. In the last ten years select restaurants such as McDonald’s and Wendy’s have taken steps toward balancing out their menus by offering healt...

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... inception to present day, McDonald’s has accumulated more than its fair share of weaknesses, from pundits and enemies to overlooked business opportunities.
Some of the more well-known issues facing McDonald’s include what they have done with the ever increasing debate over obesity and the part they play in it. Most notably in McDonald’s history was the introduction of healthier menu items which turned a glaring weakness into an apparent strength, though critics and opponents still abound.
Even though McDonald’s has done a great job fine training its staff to take care of its customers and each other by imbuing the corporation with a take care of the customer and the business will take care of itself (Ray Croc) mentality. The fast food business will always have to think on their feet so that an ever changing environment can be manipulated to its advantage.

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