Mcdonald 's Marketing Journey : Mcdonalds Essay

Mcdonald 's Marketing Journey : Mcdonalds Essay

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McDonald’s is such an iconic fast food restaurant that almost every American and a good part of world relates the golden arch with McDonald’s. In its journey to be the most recognized brand, McDonald’s had its humble beginning and many turbulent fights of survival. McDonald’s marketing journey is a noteworthy one for anyone studying the marketing.
About McDonald’s
In 1954, Roy Kroc, milkshake machine salesman, visited a restaurant in San Bernardino that run by two brothers, Dick and Mac McDonald. The restaurant offered very limited menu but operated with great efficiency, focusing on quality and speed (Our History, 2016). He was so impressed by their operation that he seized the opportunity to become their agent. In 1955, Kroc founded McDonald’s Systems, Inc and in 1961, he purchased exclusive rights to McDonald’s name. Since then, McDonald’s have gone through several transformations but one thing remained the same—serving quality food fast in clean environment. Today, McDonald’s operate with the mission to use their reach to become a positive force for their people, communities, and world by serving good quality food; sourcing sustainably; creating opportunities for people; caring for the community around it through McDonald House (Our Ambition, 2016).
Product Line
McDonald’s offers self-served sit-down dining experiences. Its assembly line like kitchen set up allows the fast food preparation and uniformed recipe across the chain in same regional area delivers the consistency in its quality and taste. While it started as a hamburger restaurant, it adopted such a menu item as “Filet-O-Fish” to attract the customers in area heavily concentrated with Catholics in 1962 (Clark, 2007).
Global Marketplace

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...chronic health issues. McDonald’s also faced the challenges of consumer’s changing taste and what people saw as value. People no longer saw a beef patty laden with salt and grease between two pieces of buns to be value but people are more conscious of the nutrition and calorie their food had. McDonald’s made several changes to improve its tarnished brand such as adding fresh fruits to its kid’s meal and adding salad to the menu. In the midst of criticism in 2007, Catherine Adams, Corporate Vice President of McDonalds, published a rebuttal to show that McDonald’s is able to provide better quality food for less because its purchasing power and is being a responsible corporate citizen by making improvements in its supply chain practice to be more sustainable; its food to be healthier choices; and its label to show accurate nutritional information (C, Spring2007 ).

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