Essay on Mcdonald 's Is A Worldwide Chain Of Hamburger Restaurants

Essay on Mcdonald 's Is A Worldwide Chain Of Hamburger Restaurants

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McDonald’s is a worldwide chain of hamburger restaurants, known as one of the world’s largest fast ¬¬food company which is present in 119 countries around the world, across 35 000 outlets and restaurants. Having an operating system based in trust and commitment from both suppliers and franchisees, they manage to keep a consistent and uniform approach to its products and services in every single store. As McDonald’s suppliers grow with the company and franchisees are seen as partners and the first ones to make profit, the company can keep its efficiency and standards balanced. Although McDonald’s has a high-volume hamburger production to respond to a high demand, they manage to keep a low variety of products since their menus are predictable and limited and a low visibility which help them to keep their units costs low.
Process design
With such high demand, it’s important to the “Golden Arches” company to being fast and decrease the time between getting the consumer from being hungry to being full. Making the service’s speed one of their first priorities, they have developed during the years processes so that the client is quickly served and the employee doesn’t need to move much to get the products, which is known as “Scientific management”. This type of management is concerned with the best way to do a job, standardizing the tools and work processes to decrease the time lose, based on the principles of bureaucracy and assembly lines. In other words, McDonald’s applied the “famous Fords assembly line so they produce more in less time” (Ritzer, 2004).
One easy way to observe this in their restaurants is the organization of the space and the distribution of sections. First they have parking lots adjacent to the restaurants, so the...

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...e product, since customers decide if the product worth the price that they will be paying for it. However, a McDonald’s consumer can easily be mistaken between quality and quantity, so if the burger is big consumers believe, it’s better. It’s easy to say that the speed is the most important performance parameter to the company and the customer, as it is being on time.
McDonald’s still is a growing company and is expected to continue being the number one company in the fast food business, but it is essential to them to look back to their priorities, sure it is important to be quick in this business, but what if being quick is letting the customers behind? With strict scripts to employees, McDonald’s is influencing the experience to go to one of their restaurants to further their interests and they are not caring if it matches with what the consumer wants and expects.

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