Essay on Mcdonald 's Is A Non Profit Organization

Essay on Mcdonald 's Is A Non Profit Organization

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McDonald 's is a private sector company and it is one of the best worldwide known fast food brands, which operates globally. The first McDonald 's restaurant opened in San Bernardino, California in 1948. Now there are over 30,000 McDonald 's restaurants which are serving in more than 100 countries.
McDonald 's is a private sector company aiming to survive and expand within the business world, to maximise their profits by having SMART objectives, expanding globally through investments, expanding chains and wider marketing.
The SMART objective of McDonald’s
S - The specific objective is to serve high quality food
M - Mcdonald’s quantifies its performance

WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) is a non profit organisation founded in 1961, working to preserve the wild, decrease carbon footprints and protecting the environment.
In comparison to McDonalds, WWF a range of different objectives based on philosophical targets, quality and time, rather than having aiming to produce a profit. Public sector organisations are under authority of the Government. They usually base objectives on:
Providing services in first instance
Reducing costs and providing an efficient service
Meeting standards to a high quality
Raising money for a given cause
Raising awareness of a cause
Creating a surplus

The different marketing techniques used to market products are:
Growth strategies
Survival strategies
Relationship marketing

GROWTH STRATEGIES – in 1957, Igor Ansoff had developed one of the best known description of the strategies for the growth of a business, which is known as the Ansoff Growth Matrix. He identified 4 categories of growth which are:
Market Penetration involves incre...

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...’s tries to satisfy their different markets, since they improve the happy meal product for children by decreasing salt intake and considering the 5 a day scheme, which not only attracts children, but also parents. McDonald’s has also tried to target their market segment who receive low income, by satisfying them with the saver’s meal, and they have also developed vegetarian meals as well as healthier options such as salads. McDonald’s has a very diverse portfolio, which has gained many customers from a range different market segments, from young children to the elderly, from meat eaters to vegetarians. McDonald’s has a very large market which aims to satisfy the needs of everyone and providing high quality food, which McDonald’s has done very well that they have many branches around the world, maximising their profits to a great extent and expanding even more.

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