Mcdonald 's A Top Ten Company Essay

Mcdonald 's A Top Ten Company Essay

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With the help of 68 million customers around the world, McDonald’s has become a top ten company in the world with billions of dollars coming in. The story of McDonald’s started within the minds of Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino, California on May 15, 1940. The two brothers came up with the idea of the fast food chain with the observation from their father who was an owner of his own restaurant called “The Airdome.” Later, the brothers were given the idea to add the thought of a corporation with the help of Ray Kroc, seller of the milkshake machine that has been used at McDonald’s. Ray Kroc turned a locally branch fast food restaurant into what it is today. Today, McDonald’s is a company that is highly respected because of how their history, work with the media, creativity and international presence to continue their successful business.
The golden arcs have explored the world, with McDonald’s known as the international face of hamburgers: from the Netherlands to South Africa to Uruguay and many more places. McDonald’s is all over the world, and with this advantage they have been smart to relate to what is considered a norm in the respectable nation they work in. “In this era of globalization, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to leverage their brand equities across geographic boundaries” (Harish 22). McDonald’s does a great job by displaying them in different countries for their consumers because of the mission each McDonald’s is always to strive in their business for: Quality, Service, Convenience, and Value. McDonald’s is such a powerful company in the fast food industry that the China Puzzle reported that “In Hong Kong, 72 percent of people visit McDonalds, on average once a week” (China Puzz...

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...ide and other playground equipment for children while they eat their meal. This gives parents a good chance to relax with a meal while their children are running around in a free playplace owned by McDonald’s.
Giving back to the community makes companies more recognizable among all the other companies for working to make the world better. McDonald’s has one of the greatest philanthropies around the nation by helping many communities in the states and also trying to help other countries. McDonald’s foundation of the Ronald McDonald House Charity (RMHC) helps many children who are fighting illness/disease in families who are having a tough emotional road. The RMHC helped nearly 5.7 million children and families last year only, this was possible because of the 60 chapters that are located all over the world that hold 353 Ronald McDonald’s Houses for families to visit.

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