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- Lynn should structure here presentation following the formula method. This is also known as a persuasive presentation. The book defined this as “A presentation by which the salesperson follows a general outline that allows more flexibility and tries to determine prospect needs” (pg 281). I think that this would be the most fitting because of the lack of success McBath products have had with the chief purchasing agent of Federale, Mary Bruce. The case study presented the strong support and quality Lynn had in the product that she was attempting to sell. She was also going to present a new concept to Mary Bruce, something that she hadn’t heard the past six times she turned away a McBath salesperson. Lynn was going to bring to the table a new innovated display that both increase sales and ensure more consumer ease while shopping. Also, the case study talked about the fact that it would only take an hour to assemble the display that would not take much space and the McBath would also start an advertising campaign that will endorse the product and the display scheme. All of these are ammo that Lynn can carry into her meeting with Mary Bruce. The persuasive presentation method will allow her to present the information and concepts logically, while also giving time for interaction between the buyer and seller (pg 282). It is also important for her to know her own company along with the reseller (pg 182). Knowing the product you are selling will give the buyer confidence that this product is high quality and will generate revenue. At the same time it is important to know the reseller, because it will give an advantage of addressing reasons why this purchase is necessary and an opportunity. The selling points are a combination of increas...

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... specific date (pg 208). This would allow for McBath to get the money quicker, while also allowing the retailer to save money on the purchase price.
The trade discount was defined in the text as “discounts on the list retail price offered to channel members” (pg 208). This would increase the incentive for more merchandise to be purchased by the channel members.
The consumer discount method could be pivotal for increased sales. It would allow the reseller to sell a product to the customer at a discounted price. (pg 209). The manufacture would then repay any lost income from the coupon. More of a product would be purchased, which is a win for both the reseller and the manufacture. I see this kind of stuff at Wal-Mart all the time when I use a coupon for some things. It says on the back that the manufacture will compensate the prices lost based from the coupon.

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