The Mbti And Neo Pi 3 : Two Personality Assessments Essay example

The Mbti And Neo Pi 3 : Two Personality Assessments Essay example

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The MBTI and NEO-PI-3 are two personality assessments that can be used by researchers and psychologists to assess clients, or by everyday people looking to get a better understanding of their personality and resulting behaviors. While reading through and evaluating the results I received, many similarities and few differences regarding my personality and resulting behavior were found. Personality assessments are known to not be entirely accurate in assessing a person’s personality and as a result, there can be inconsistencies between the results and someone’s actual beliefs. These inconsistencies that I found between the results I received and my own beliefs of my personality could be a result of some of the psychometric qualities of both assessments. Overall, the MBTI and NEO-PI-3 provided me with an accurate description of my personality and allowed me to better understand myself so that I can improve how I work with others and myself.
The MBTI and NEO-PI-3 are personality assessments that were designed to provide a wide array of uses for people in and out of the research field. Those who take the MBTI can find the test useful in increasing self-awareness in order to better understand one’s self in relation to others. Professionals in the field may find the test appropriate when combining it with other measures in career counseling, or in personal counseling when helping individuals to communicate and work well with others. Similar to the MBTI, the NEO-PI-3 is very helpful to researchers who may look to use the test for career guidance through selection and development. It may also be used by counselors to help clients identify their areas of strengths and weaknesses and what situations these might arise in. Although the two ass...

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...ities of the test itself could be to blame.
Overall, the MBTI and NEO-PI-3 provided me with an accurate description of my personality and allowed me to better understand myself so that I can improve how I work with others and myself. I found many similarities and some differences regarding my personality and behavior from the results that I received on both assessments. Although they can be accurate in describing someone’s personality, there can also be inconsistencies between the results and the belief’s that someone holds. Poor psychometric qualities of the assessments can lead to these inconsistencies. The MBTI and NEO-PI-3 continue to be two of the most popular personality assessments that are being used by researchers and psychologists to assess clients, or by everyday people looking to get a better understanding of their personality and resulting behaviors.

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