Essay about Mba Library And Information Science Program

Essay about Mba Library And Information Science Program

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More than two years ago while living isolated in Northern Thailand, I resolved to pursue a master’s degree in an ALA accredited library and information science program. It was not a decision I took lightly, and thus prolonged officially applying in order to assess myself in various informational professions to develop insight on my strengths and ascertain my interest in this field. Through a part-time position at a city library in the evenings after my day job, I happily confirmed my enthusiasm and enjoyment of public librarianship still holds true. To my own surprise, my other professional endeavors of the last two years denote my interests have extended their reach to include the colossus field of data.
Over the last seven months I have had the pleasure of working at the Marlborough Public Library. Initially, my typical day consisted of checking items in and out, registering new patrons, placing and organizing requests for interlibrary loan items, and other task overseen by circulation desk. Over my short time there, I have been designated new responsibilities, such as cataloguing the periodical collection, acquisition and budget maintenance for our developing audiobook collection, running and documenting weekly data reports of our most requested hold lists, and becoming the designated reference staff member for a few of our disabled patrons. My time at this library has been incredible, and I now look at the possibilities of public librarianship with new optimism and determination towards the potential for service development and program geared towards the community.
Working at at city library allowed me to understand how my previous experiences largely influence and benefit my entrance into the field of information science. ...

... middle of paper ... by my determination to receive my education through this particular school. A intensive forward-thinking focus on technology, a consciousness of not only people, but their culture and demographics in a increasingly interconnected world is a stance which I would be honored to be a representative. The recognition of the practicality of an online and asynchronous master’s program further solidified my regard for this program. Though I love the energizing and engaging feeling of a physical classroom (and always envisioned acquiring a master 's through such a manner), acquiring my education from this university 's online program may allow me to concurrently pursue professional opportunities and experience without geographic limitation.
Thank you for your time and consideration in the matter of my qualifications and potential as a prospective student for this program.

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