Essay about The Mayan Culture and Geometry

Essay about The Mayan Culture and Geometry

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The Mayans used tons and tons of geometry throughout their creations. Which is obviously figured out just by thinking of the one thing that most of everybody knows and relates to the Mayans, the calendar, and the Aztec’s then took the Mayan calendar and adapted it to come up with their own calendar. They probably used trial and error, I’m sure of. They created many drawings that all involved geometry in one form or another.
The Ajau Cán, which is a snake that is very detailed with beautiful designs on the body, looks very well thought out and it looks like it took a genuine amount of time to complete this drawing. A square with a cross going through the middle, it sort of resembles a window if you think about it. The border that makes up this piece looks like leaves going around the border of this “window” and also used to create the cross of this piece of artwork. Magnificent detailing goes on throughout this art piece, as well as all the other pieces the Mayan’s created. The four squares that are in this picture represents the number four, it is an attribute of the Sun and the sna...

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